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chapter 13
poor little steven knew he was good and lost now
a blackbird landed on a branch in a tree overhead
the same one that had followed him all the way thru the snow
as he had been trying to find his uncles house
“oh go away you stupid thing” he muttered to the bird
and it cocked its head on one side as if it were listening
steven didnt know that the bird was once a child
and that all the creatures in this wood
were children
turned into animals and birds
and grey fish that swam in the brooks
the small black bird could almost still remember his life back then
his other life….
but it seemed oh so long ago now
steven cowered into the shadow of a pinetree full of snow
and wondered and wondered
he had only a few hours left
before this short day would die
and the long night would fall down
but he was so cold and numb
that he couldnt almost be bothered caring anymore
he leant up against the tree
and ate the last of the food his mother had prepared for him
it was then his eyes were filled with warm tears
when he thought of his mother
and how she would be out looking for him
and wondering where…
his thoughts were interrupted by a sound in the forest around him
he looked up and saw a deer with tears in its eyes
and the rabbits and the red fox
the raven and the owl and the winding adder
and all wept along with him
yes even the snake and birds
for such things are possible for enchanted creatures
“oh creatures can you hear me ?” he wondered out loud
although none gave any sign to show they had heard
the boy realised they could understand his words
he knew this because this was a magical forest
and already a dark magic was falling down upon him
although he had no idea what was happening
but already a sorcery was changing him
so slowly at first…
so slowly you couldnt even tell…
the red fox nuzzled at his hand
and then
pushing him
pushing him away
“no , no i dont want to go” cried the boy
but the fox gently pushed at him nevertheless
and the deer nudged him softly with her beautiful head
and her eyes full of sympathy
but steven didnt want to leave now
now the magic was working upon him
he was feeling strangely good
strangely alive
as if he…
as if he could scale trees so easily
or hold his breath and swim forever in the frozen over river
or as if he could float on the icy air with eyes that see everything
and he wanted to glide into the cold earth and sleep
until spring came again adorned with flowers and warm zephyrs
and he knew how it felt to run through the fields
racing over grass and stone…
but the creatures implored him silently with their eyes
and the fox and the deer still gently urged him up and away
“whats this ?” asked the boy drunk with the forests enchantment
“dont you want to share your forest with me?”
still the creatures strove to make him go
but he swore at them and brandished a stick
and eventually they reluctantly, it seemed, departed
after a while
he felt a delicious languidness come upon him
and he sat down under the tree
on a mossy rock
and he fell into a deep deep slumber

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