posted on February 17, 2009 at 7:46 pm

wake up early kilbey
youre flying off to perth wa
tonite night off
tomorrow rehearsal
fri sat sun triffids outdoor perth festival
right now sitting here in n bondi
surrounded by rain n darkness
it seems a long way off
some plane
some airport
some taxi
some other room
somewhere else
if i dont hold my mind down
it floats off
off n away specially on mornings like this
while the rest of the family sleep on
the kids dream dream dream
the rain goes tap tap tap
the wind goes ooooh rattle ooooooh rattle
the cars in the street go whoosh
the ringing in my ears goes zzznnnnnngggg
my old heart goes thump thump thump (dont stop yet)
my stomach goes groan flying groan
the clock tick tick but never tock
my mind goes silent
the constant stream of ideas is turned off
i experience the silence
my mind goes blank
but what do i think of during the blankness…?
small parts of me go on calculating n plotting
somewhere in here
in my mind bigger than the universe
in my mind which can imagine infinitely
in my tiny closed grumpy mind
so small it cannot admit even one more outside idea
my small mind my big mouth my stupid smirk
my blah blah blah
my bits of blu tac
my bits of paper
my meridians of pastel dust
my empty plastic bottles
my empty cans
my old lolly wrappers
my stupid bag of dope
my nasty olde coff
my constant anxiety
my messed up messy mess of a room
the city skyline has disappeared into a fog
the clouds swallow up sydney
and frankly
who cares
the sharks bite
the crooks crime
the hoods from the hoods in their hoods…no robin hoods
the tedious lumpen proletariat chasing one thing after another
the recession which is king out there
the planet starting to rebel
the morning starting to arrive
a soft grey light suffuses my room
some hoarse crow barks outside my window
my feet are cold so cold at the end of time
i hear noises of humans getting up
winter around the corner now
the streets are not inviting
bizness men get up feeling sick drinking cawfee
numbly button up their suits
drive to work
and each gasp on the cig
jangles yer nerves and fouls yer breath
you arrive at yer job
a beencounter in a widget and sprocket company
shuttup kilbey somebody has to count the widgets
ok ok
i just an imagining it after owl
mr widget fidgets at his pesky desk
the quick brown sprocket jumps over the lazy plug
the figures sway back n fourth on his screen
his new cup of cawfee says drinka me
his new cream cheeese bagel says eata me
his next cig says smoka me
he stands in the rain in the big end of town
look i’ll play the part myself
i’m standing there
(looking handsome in my suit, if i may fairly say so)
i’m standing there
you saw me standing there smoking my bagel etc
down in the doorway with the other smokers
if i smoke 20 a day at ten minutes each
why theres 200 mintes gone…just like that
plus walking up n down the stairs
plus the cigs n cawfee make me weee like the billy-o
plus going out to buy more cigs n bagels
its a wonder i been counting any widgets at all
i sit back at my desk
my buddy sends me a message on face book
gee…i read it for a while
until i need another cig
the boss tells me to come in his office
uh oh
we only need to count half as many widgets cos
uh the depress…i mean the recession..
but the govts injecting 3 billion into widgets so
(gee i hope they hit the vein!)
and ah…i need another cawfee n cig now
i need to calm down
half as many widgets as before….hmmmm
can i do that ? i wonder as i loll in the doorway
making insolent faces at the passersbys
and blowing smoke rings into the ether…
illusion shattered
the kids all suddenly get up
last night scarlet and i went outside
ooh what a dark day she said
ha ha
now they tumble out of bed laughing n talking
the woofle clutches a balloon that seems like it may burst anytime
the doodles got their own thing going on
gee i’m lucky i aint that widget guy
(that suit tho…it was quite bee coming)
i just gotta getta onna plane to ye olde perth
at the ends of the earth
4 hours to fly
i wonder if other triffideers from sydney will be on that flight
youth group?
mel o?
i’m gonna get my lapp top out n write some stuff i sposed to do
the new church album must be coming down the line soon
youll be glad i aint a widget counter
you be glad i a singer
you be glad i so good wiff words
you be glad i aint gotta suit
you be glad i aint gotta jobbie
you be glad i sing the body alektryk
you be glad i anticipated all your dreams
and put them in these songs
listen to em n weep
weep cos ya love those damned songs so much
weep cos we all gonna die
weep cos the pollens making yer hey fever play up
weep cos kilbey is at the top of his game n climbing
up n up n up
into the sky
the indian rope trick
i pull my ladder up after me
and i ascend into a world of dakinis and angels
up there
i am finally ‘preciated
(present company accepted…i know you depreciate me)
and my every little whim is catered for
trouble is
i am now such an ascetic aesthete
(look those words up if you dont know em)
i am practically whimless….
but whimming……errr….no
there were some important things i needed to say
there were some imperfect things
there were some foolish things
these foolish things remind me of you
i take me leaves
n bid you all frond a dew
as i take to the thin air
in a very heavy machine
god i hope i can believe in it
see you in the west


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