posted on September 13, 2008 at 8:43 pm

sitting here right now a very happy olde space rocker
ya see
i always wanted to make this music
the big music
the music without boundaries
the blazing incandescent screaming sighing formless racket
i hear it in my head
ebbing and flowing as natural as nature
organic music electronic music guitar music
oh i know what an electric guitar is capable of
oh i know how a bass changing in the nether regions of music
moving thru the depths like a plesiosaur
i know how drums can pound the rhythm to yer brain
i know a voice singing the right words
i know where those words can send ya
and i’m beginning to realise
and im beginning to see the light
we put a band together to do the gig
tim had the incredible idea of the band
hanging together a few days longer
and making an album in the spirit of painkiller
ya see
and ya can go back n check my blogs from may 007
this record was done fast
yes fast and so full of love
most beds recorded in one afternoon
polished off with about a weeks overdubs
its quicker and easier when you play everything yerself
no arguments no explanations
no nothin’
just you and yer axe or mellotron or whatever
tim amazing on drums n technical side
sent it to polinski
he did his thing
he inserted his” hesius dome” trip (check them out)
and voila
we have built and improved upon this formula
gathering together
the crew of ss painkiller
have recorded some music of rare beauty and brilliance
the beds are down ie the backing tracks are ready
oh this is beautiful stuff
look…i am good on my own
i can play all the instruments (cept drums)
but the real joy in music comes from 6 people
all extremely different
bending their minds towards a common objective
a tall order…maybe…but thats our goal
and heres what you need
music which is not stiff or locked into song structure
music which can scream and roar
music which can hover and caress
music which can brutalize and crush
music which can soothe and unite
music that sends you baby
sends you to that other place
yea creature the other fucking place
you only get there thru drugs sex magic death
ah ha
now i now you read my blog searching for that other place
you listen to my music
because i have dedicated my life to ferrying people across
my whole everything is to reach that lovely lonely shore
where things are sweet and holy (etc)
and in the last few days
me and the others
have certainly been building sonic bridges
to that distant shore
where music breaks free of its bounds
and it explodes the way you always hoped it would
when you cant tell n dont care whats playing what
all the instruments
a pulsing bass
a pounding drums
a lonesome slide
a looped and looping guitar
radios appear…the random improbable music in the static
polinski filters it through his delerious vision
adds other stuff in
wow im so high from playing this stuff
we should do a songy song someone says
i yell out some random chords
of course it works
everything works
the music is structurally simple
it drones and reiterates itself
and it builds it changes it crashes it subsides
everyone played great
we got it in the can
boy i hope this band plays again
cos we are ready to already be the best
oh this is very sublime stuff
my favourite type of music
wild free and timeless
long or short
instinctive music
savage music
its not hard to play
its not easy either
you gotta love it
put yer ego aside
feel the joy of being part of a machine
painkiller the record touches on this
now the band is combining electric electronic
organic found sound
indian strings maintain tension
the distorted guitars burst into white light
the bass suddenly accelerates as the drums pick up
something comes in on the radios
a fragment of a song is captured
it bends into our song
becomes part of our song
the instruments all keep shifting against each other
forming brief alliances before shattering into disparate atoms
still the music hammers home its point
and this is where
when the music starts to hammer home its point
that the sex and magic and drugs come back in
because there is some orgasmic thrill of riding a wave
an oceanic wave
or a short wave
or a synaptic wave
or a musical tidal wave of intent
hurling the players before it with inevitable momentum
free of all constraints at last
no history
no future
no he said we should do thats
we just jammed
and the gods of music
and apollo himself
smiled favourably on our endeavours
seismic rocking shimmerbursts shibbolethic bam boom bim
wacka thwacka crash burn bang
oh oh
and up she rises
wo wo wo wo wo wo
a siren wails on a lonesome prairie
we ride across a sonic desert
wondering at the ambient stars
twinkling like little cymbals
we pick up moments
examine them
cast them aside
clip clop clip clop
a firestorm appears swallowing us up
we are spat out on the info super hi way
cruising and destroying
eating up the miles
hauling ass down a black corridor
i dont know
what do i know
its naive hopeful music
its optimystic
go ahead make my day music
get down on yer knees music
gotta backbeat you cant lose it
blah blah blah
im sure you get the picture …right
maybe i’m deluded
i dunno
thats it

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