posted on September 30, 2006 at 12:56 am

adder-laide heirport
eating asian stirfry w/tofu
yum yum
(cept for capsicum!)
jimi our roadie says free intanet
and bang
here i am just like that
i reckon we were pretty good last nite
except for a foul illness
which swept upon me about an hour before i went on
shiverin’ n shakin’
my nose blocked
a fever
a sudden unbearable weariness
i take 2 codral coldes
get jazzy
the old ones with pseudo ephedrine
i knock back some red bully
and some copious jagers
i pull on earphones n receiver pack
we go on
voila! the lights n sound anaethetize me
the music begins
i dont care we in some pub in adelaide
transcendance project intitialised
bass guitar engaged
lyrics begin transferring to mouth
unrolling from wherever they normally hide
in my memory….
despite everything
we play pretty ok (i guess)
the musics playing me these days
the music plying me these daze
i just hanging on
i tickle the strings
i open my mouth
someone singin’ out there
someone singin’ therein
oh dig those lyrics
what the fuck is this all about
miracle streets n ionian blooze
the guitars writhe n beg for release
the drums pound bang boom crash
the airport intrudes with its announcements
people stream past
adelaide could be indianapolis
oh i cant wait to play again!
i walk on and a portal opens
i step in there
and i lose myself inside it
music suggesting everything at once
we strafe the audience with possibilitees
we rock n we roll
oh my my
space rock electrique
the mellifluous slipstream of the planets
sucks me into motion
wave particles
pointillistic music
colour washed music
pixilated music
my flight is announced
i guess im gonna go!
i love ya

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