posted on April 12, 2012 at 8:20 am

zed shiva iao lingua dei

appearing near you soon

a god of your own understanding

children listen to me

there is god

not a god not the god but god

he is kind enough to appear to you as you may understand him

my god is a he

he has a ravishing female consort

a gorgeous hot mama of cosmic proportions

why the beauty of her ass would stop universes in rotation!

i tell you one kiss from her would enflame eternal bolt uprightness

her exquisite motion her pleasured movements upon us

she comes down from heaven like black cat

she arcs in wonder as you bridge her skies

for an eternity then you fall through her cloud

you drown in all that rain within

high in the highest sky nevertheless you drown

my god is a masculine genius creator

he spits out universes

he fucks only the finest goddess

he shows me films he has made of her in my reverie

that is why my mind is blown

that is why i care only for sex and drugs and rocknroll

within these ecstasies i have found god again and again

fuck you blasphemer ! is anybody bothered to say?

but my stupid hedonistic theistic narcissistic carryon is a hoot

and i’m glad the god of your own understanding got me for the part

i am hamming it up for you now

i am a complex and warped structure

my monstrous superiority complex

my hideous inferiority complex

my self absorption my self loathing

between them have pulled me into this previously unfilled place (oooh er)

a raving compassionate ratbag raggletag rishi frooti

touched by god and goddess

loving and hating them

denying them believing them

my language is masculine and feminine

the two opposites that create unity

why would my god not be a man who loves women?

my god who knocks off little planets like earth

why he needs to relax with some right on pleasure or what?

well my god goes to his consorts place

and shes like getting herself ready ..and you know what i mean

and my god is relishing this because he can

and my god though he loves his consort very much indeed

it would be a joke to conjecture this love that could stop time

yet still he is her master still he is even her lord

though he now will serve her most diligently and ardently

and in becoming her servant he can relish serving his beloved

for this is the sweetest task

and he relinquishes his control and his crown for this time

for though he created all things that are

he did not create her

for she is eternal and  is his equal

but in some matters he must dominate

and in other matters it is her who must decide

he tends towards anger

she ameliorates this with galactic caress

he tends towards pride

but he finds humility in the wonder of her prowess

as i move through time god has hewn me into shape

i stand before you now as a messenger of my god

my god says look what my messenger has created for you 

so you can see he speaks my truth

my god says i have an important message for you :

everythings ok !


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