posted on December 25, 2009 at 1:39 am

there are good people in this world
like the fambley in buffalo who brought me sox n absinthe
(bands love sox n absinthe….you cant go wrong!)
like all the subscribers who pay me to right this stuff
look i thank you all for your contributions large n small
you didnt have to but you did
and everytime a sub rolls in i feel a little validated
like all the people who came along n donated some jazz
from homer in perth
to my whacky friend up in maine
and all the people in between
i thank you
i thank again and always klk who is there for us
and without whom there would be no U@23
no fy
no aent
no no no
klk merry xmas
of course my friend in ohio who spoils me hopelessly
in everyway
merry xmas know it all bitch goddess of antenna
and my friend in nsws second biggest city
who is a “boho” in “straights” clothing
merry xmas dave
and of course again and especially
a rather dapper chap in so-cal
who has verily kept the wolf from ttbs door
the wolf was about to keep on gnawing on my intellectual copyright
when suddenly
this guy appeared n immediately turned the tables on the fookers
and kicked their bum
(they only have one bum between em)
i could not have done it without ‘im
knowledge is power anyway yes it is
now appointed the sk minister of justice
merry x-mas john
jesus man…..merry merry xmas
i’d like to thank the people who commissioned pictures
i agonize over these things
i know i dont always get em perfect
i know it takes much much longer than i promised
but i really do try for you
to people still waiting…they will come!
people who are thinking of getting one…go on…
i’d like to wish my mother joycie a merry xmas
her book is back on sale at karmic hit
its a bloody good read
and something every true sk compleatist should own
plus i get a 20 cents spotters fee if you mention my name
careful my mothers book contains strong language
and violence
(when she gives me the bloody wooden spoon)
merry christmas to my brothers too
merri christmas to people like
sue c who works as an autominous body
keeping our vibe permanently up!
arise dame campbell…!
thanks to kate away aka iseult
for filming and suggestions
now countess kate of the archives
merry chrimbo kip in tx
merry chrimbo hoffmen
merry chrimbo mr ricky n f’licity n mr o
merry chrimbo the english crowd
merry chrimbo the yanks
merry chrimbo the swedes n germans
merry chrimbo kurt n matt in nz
merry chrimbo annaki may-hem
merry chrimbo mal turnbull (HE’LL BE BACK)
merry chrimbo in darwin rb
merry chrimbo bon bon n hellbound heart
merry chrimbo johnny beyond in l.a.
merry chrimbo freddie… can call me lord..the black
merry chrimbo stephen judge a good guy at our u.s. label
merry chrimbo to perry whos got a damn good sk painting collection
merry chrimbo pablo
merry chrimbo to nigel the banker wherever you roam
merry chrimbo to queen h
merry chrimbo to veleska
merry chrimbo to cazziem
merry chrimbo to jazz-perina
merry chrimbo to bigsmiles kate
merry chrimbo to my pest n nuisance
merry chrimbo belfy in boston
merry chrimbo the crunch
merry chrimbo j cain n mister slay
merry chrimbo k/k…long may you run
merry chrimbo princey n mary n tim p
merry chrimbo gb3….new album coming soon
merry chrimbo david neil…..ditto
merry chrimbo richard lane…gee richard youre a cool guy
merry chrimbo drofstaw nelg….whos coming for xmas dinner
merry chrimbo…karin in sweden…a nice job you did with the twills
merry chrimbo mimi n marlon n logan…a nice bunch of kilbeys
merry chrimbo jon f n john c in the states
merry chrimbo cst coach
merry chrimbo everybody else
i’ll be embarrassed when i realize i forget to say yer name
thats it
now bleat drink n be mary
sk n bondi xmas 2009

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