posted on March 20, 2006 at 4:34 am

first of all
its this simple
if youre reading my blogge
chances are you aint a “straight”
why would a fucking “straight” read my stuff
what would be the pointe?
so you see
yer disqualified from “straighthood”
even before ya reach for the send comment button
i keep telling ya
this is my diary
im writing it fer me too ya know
dont bust my balls cos youre eavesdroppin on my turf
so i reject all yer furore and froth
(cmon you were offended by fuck their war etc?)
i appreciate those who appreciated my rant
i care about you silent ones too
what a lotta fun
stirring you up
with my hippy polemic

so here i am
in the tropical north
brisbane qld
i am out the back of a newsagents
a furtive chinese guy shows me in here
as if to opium den
(i wish)
fluoro lites killing my eyes and soul
i feel the energy sucked outta me
by the electro stuff in here
tonite we launchy ultc
we need to re hurse
we need to werk all arvo
such a nice city too
with a lot to do here
i cannae longer tarry
see ya about the place

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