posted on August 20, 2006 at 1:01 am

vishnu the preserver
iesus christos
krishna the avatar
and then next
and all prophets n seers n sages
n angels of the ages
bless this holy earth
the dreamy misty lakes
the green pointillistic trees a’swayin
the kind hearted people
the chemical factory guys who start work at 5 am
the broken down suburbs on the way in
the audiences in the darkness
the cops n the villains
the schoolhood buddies who got high together
the endless rivers of traffic
the gifts we receive
the girls with busted noses n single dads
the truckers swaying thru the night
the warm night
endless rolling undulating
the traintracks
the wire fences
the guys who got married too young
the history
the maverick quality
bless everyone
whoever you are out there
you always have answered my prayers
let these people get a little abundance
send their dreams to em with bells on
let everyone be a rockstar for 15 minuets
be fruitful
gauge the truth
one sparrow worth more
than all them silver machines buzzin’ chicago today
i got glass in my big toe
my little toe is sliced open on a bed leg
no hotel tonite
milwaukee all accom sold out
deliver us from evil
send me home

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