posted on December 5, 2005 at 11:56 pm

yo mah peeeeple
whats occurring?
ole sk at the internet joint
loads o nasssty eurotrash backpackers, my fishes
hot day in sydnee town, my leiblings
many people making ole sk very angry today
greedy nasssty people ruining it for everyone, my blushing violets
this is gonna be a short one
big i view today
with a big melbournian rag
dont impress ole sk none
who reads yesterdays newspaper
(well actually i did, just this morning)
yeah, gotta get home
get some answers ready
pull on my persona
get the beard out
put on my earrings
put on my velvety voice
tune up my charisma
(i just washed it and i cant do a thing with it!!)
lotsa people saying why this sk?
why that sk?
why you play that song? sk?
why you no play that one sk?
as if i am anyone to be held accountable ,my old fruits
do i look like im the sort of bloke who keeps his word?
im an olde rocker
i do whatever i like
ask yer polticians those questions, my flock
those lying fat poisonous worms
ask that scum you voted in ,my readers
ole sk never gotcha in no war
sk never ruined yer roads or yer education
or nuffink
just a singer in a rocknroll band
just a tired olde genius
who happens to be in the best band still extant on this plane
just yer regular renaissance dude
just the saviour of rock as we know it
a humble servant
just another blogger in a city of bloggs
just a blip on a screen
never mind
never mind, my starrlings
ive calmed down now
im over it
im surrendering to love
my mind is as big as the wild blue sky
i realise i havent sworn once today
i love you
more than the stars above you
i love you
hang in there
be calm
keep on loving me
give me your everything
the lot
im waiting
lay it down
lay it on me
i can feel it

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