posted on September 21, 2008 at 8:28 pm

maybe you see me
maybe you dont
maybe you’ll love me
maybe you wont

i am the being
i am the being
time being what it is
all things to all men
a mans man
a ladies man
an animals man
a gods man
a gentle man
worlds forgotten man
the diary of a certain mr kilbey
read all about it
hes in the papers
hes on the telly
hes in the astral
hes tripping over in the causal
the light in his retina is blinding
my interior life which i will willingly share
my exterior lives
the actor
the clown
the sage
the bastard
the failure
the human
the building anticipation
as it all heats up
father is child to the river
the morning sings in a real voice of birds
the black stuff oozing from the mud
a little bridge in the sun
i will burn it later
what does it mean?
should things mean anything?
if they dont then why bother?
the devil even yawns
kilbeys at his tricks again
cooks up some pairs
gary comes over
brought me a plant
we eat our pears
gary says painkiller gig “best in life”
wow if our first gig was that good then…
are you sure gary?
gary : yes
after pears
me n eve n scarlet go to beach
aurora wants time away from eve
eve has a serious energy surplus
and needs to let off much steam
aurora sometimes likes to be quiet
and enter her own world which is tantalizingly close…
aurora is such a dreamy childe…
and there that world is…she can see it now …but..
its no good
eve cant leave her alone
so i take the 2 crazy ones to the beach
the ones with the curly hair
their hair is curly coz it represents all their wayward energy
down at the beach
eve gets bored with swimming by herself
(normally having an inbuilt little friend)
and she and scarlet settle down
to the serious job of annoying each other
eves digging holes
scarlet collapses em
eve goes crazy
me warning eve
eve digs another hole
scarlet collapses it
but gets her leg stuck in it
eve starts burying her leg more
scarlet screaming and giggling
me yelling cut it out
eve guffawing
baby hysterically screaming
me yelling
eve digging
baby wriggling
baby escapes and runs away
off goes eve
tapping the babys heels and tripping her
but the baby gives as good as she gets
mercilessly jumping on eves thigh when she slides over
like a wrestling villain
scarlet comes down on eves fleshy thigh
letting her not inconsiderable bulk all focus down
through her heel
and then
eve grunts like a t rex in shock and pain
before she can act
the woofle comes down on it again
in the same spot
eve struggles to her feet
shes enraged now
but the swift little woofle is away
eve tracks her down
and brings her to the sand
with a tackle fatty vauntin might have questioned
then eves main problem is how to exact vengeance
while i watch on very closely
you see i was once eve
and scarlet was russell
so i know all the tricks
they chase each other through the rows of sunbathers
kicking sand in their faces as they whizz by
eventually i have all the angry people looking at me
eve n scarlets romp finally degenerates into sand throwing
at which point an interventionist daddy wades in
separating and cautioning the contestants
they remain separate for two minutes
before the whole shebang kicks off again
when the woofle jumps on top of eves diggings
ooh la la
instant replay
meanwhile i go in and have a swim
i do that thing where it suddenly gets deeper
n you jar yer back
then cos i was all tensed up coz of the cold
it got worse
i caught a few waves miserably
but i took it personally
the misbehaving kids
the jarred back
the cold water
my slight case of sunburn
hey today is russells birthday
its monday
its another new leaf
its spring
its all i ever wanted
have a ball

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