posted on March 1, 2013 at 3:42 pm
rain i dont mind

rain i dont mind

putting up a new blog

but nothing much to say

been doing some interesting work

had a few things to sort out which maybe are sorted now

life is bizarre

a slender thread holding us all here

i have much on horizon

some tv some live stuff

some of this n some of that

and a bit extra on the side

greg dulli has been in sydney writing songs with me indeed

we certainly have got some good stuff

it is has been a great productive time


the comments wars rage on :

i write a free blog with no strings attached

the same old couple of complaining blokes..

again i ask: why stay around to complain?

please depart with my blessings !

i guess most of the people here like my stuff

why hang around hammering the point?

it only indicates the intensity of your own obsessions

that you rail against the old geeza you once loved….but now….?

you have been slighted by your former hero…my my how sad it is?

you bought all his records to “support” him too….

so the sensible thing is to go your separate ways, right?

unfortunately this is my blog

you tend to forget that

so you must go off elsewhere i suppose

off to anonymity where no one will read your tawdry predictable vitriol

let me re-iterate again:

you can sign any name you like to your infatuations gone wrong

but i know who you are and where you live by virtue of the IP address

its not like the old blog on gmail

this one can let me see exactly where the stuff originates

handy, huh?

normally i wouldnt bother to check

why would it interest me that someone came from ,say, pensacola FLA?

nonetheless things must be slow down there

even if you drive to atlanta and back (say)

anyway i love my mugs

they are big and impressive and ive heard nothing but good things

whats wrong with bags and mugs merch ?i ask

beatles stones zepplin they all got it

so the mugs stay and the obsessive ninnies go i say

maybe to not print their tiresome twaddle anymore…?

dont give them a place to air their melodramatic imaginary grievances ?

no i shouldnt anymore…

many have written to me privately and asked me to refrain from printing their bilge

yet i have been mindful of always showing the downsides of things

the downsides of drugs? addiction! ruin! the downsides of music? deafness. record company ripoffs.

the downside of fame and adulation?

well here they are

now hopefully departed

not even reading these words they have already gone into that good night, havent they?

havent they?

i bet we aint really seen the end of em tho

(sigh) (yawn)


oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!!!!!






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