posted on May 6, 2011 at 9:12 pm

jumbo jumble in jungle

in your wildest dreams i am your slave

then seven times you will do my bidding

and seven time return from wherever you are

you said in triumph

from wherever i am ?i asked askance

even from limbo….. you said akimbo

then my body was prepared with some magic

how could i know…… my mind was put to sleep

when i awoke i was out in this world

this world of danger of mischief of time

out in this world i was a lamb unto the slaughter

i was given a name i was given a number

you do this you do that they all said

until one day i realised i was saying that too

fixing the facade for the establishment happy to be a cog

behind the scenes 3 people manipulated my life

the god and the devil and you

not necessarily in that order

and sometimes you align with the god

and sometimes with the devil

with god you protect me from devil

and with the devil you protect me from the god

so when the devil kills me seven times

the god resurrects me the same

each time i return

i come stand before you

you in your guises

you in your darkness

you in your tower that lies to the north

each time i come back i stand at your table

my eyes are so dim

my hands are restrained

the first time you chuckled

i heard that you died

yes i said

i had a growth in my side

then tell me you said what was your death like

oh it was like nothing i said

like in the blackest black dream…..?

like in the deepest dark sleep

like in the most silent night….?

like in the quietest dawn

so you flung me back amongst the living

i was some character

got my brains blown out in a war on drugs

god said its a miracle you never ODed before

devil said it was me keeping our boy alive

you said i dont care about any of that

i want to know of your second death

it was nothingness i suppose i said

it wasnt that bad being nothing…? you asked

no nothing feels nothing i said with a guess

it sure felt like nothing to me at the time

how was it to finally be just a nothing…?

nothing special i admitted with sigh

sent back here a third time i crashed my head

into the side of the zeitgeist one night

my animal spirit perished inside me

without it i quickly succumbed to fatigue

by magic enchanted

by yoga much strengthened

in pleasure and woman and money much weakened

destroyed by pressure of illusory junk

what have you to say for yourself ? you ask

i’m sorry i wasted a life on such things…..

what things do you mean….? you asked almost politely

i mean things that burned me over and over

devil just laughed

i could have told you that he said

god said nothing

he looked at the clouds

arent they beautiful….? he wondered allowed

you rolled me back into number 4

i was a soldier for rocknroll

some bastard on the other side had me electrocuted

i hated your stuff ! said the devil

too good for him but…..said god

too evil for him….said the devil

yes theyre both right youre falling through the cracks you said

i was despatched

then for the fifth time i came again here as a doctor

doing plastic surgeries under the stars

turning back time with a stitch shifting time and pitch

but my hydrofoil ran out of juice on a cliff

oh too bad over the edge of a tumultuous waterfall

oh a sickening feeling i dream of it still

down and over and over and down

you should have seen your face ! you said

the god said my dear you should have seen yours….

the devil said nothing

he puffed on a soul

thought about a lovely glowing abyss

and some bright red she devil with colossal big tits

much better than this world out here damp and no fun

the sixth time i drowned in a bottle

no one could pull me out even tho i called out once

help me i’m going down…!

i heard him said devil

i heard him too said god but he had his free will…

how was your death then drinker ? you asked in mock horror

it was awful…!

i groaned cause it stays with me still

it sickens my heart and it wearies my mind

and my soul full of sorrow my mouthful of lies

ready for seven then you said with delight

oh no and then

i woke up here just now and its right here tonight

the devil said well he’s caught on at last

the god said one thing that boy aint is fast

you said good luck

and then fuck off

into the past

and i wonder what clown

is picking the cast







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