posted on February 11, 2007 at 7:55 pm

bonjour tristesse
oh i feel suddenly lighter….
like ive lost a heavy burden
that did press upon me sorely
i am unconcerned
i am detached
today i will swim n do xi gong n yoga
i will work on my painting of grant l
i will play around with my kids
i will make love with my wife
i will have my friends over
i will eat healthy food
that was not created from sadness n death
(for what else could it produce but that?)
i will raise my beautiful dutiful daughters
to be vegetarians
oh i wish you could see
eve n aurora
theyre both strapping girls
why they came 1st in 2nd in the marathon
and not one bit of meats ever passed their lips
and i will raise them to recycle
and to question authority
especially if its telling you to do something you know is stupid
and i will raise them to respect old people and to listen to them
and i will do my best to keep the tvs n computers turned off
and the artpaper n markers flowing
try n let them swim in the sea everyday
the ocean washes us so clean
and not just our flesh
im gonna try to inculcate in them
a knowledge of this earth
and what its worth
and what women are worth
and what men are worth
and the lives of ALL creatures
and i WILL teach them to detest war n the meat/death industry
because these are my heartfelt convictions
and because hideous meat kills hideously
i will endeavour to help them suffer the slings n arrows
of outrageous fortune
(you should hear the insults n malarkey ive had for being veg
since 1972)
i hope i can do something to offset the constant pressure on females
to be” sexy”
us men dont want it
we like you as you are
why why why dont you understand
throw away perfume n all that make up
no no no
elli n minna dont cover your youthful cheeks in powder blechh
oh be natural
daughters remember how i love you
and what i do for you
and dont allow any less from any man
and its dark n raining here today
a wondrous energy filled morning
sent by beautiful god
ha ha
i dont care if people know i believe in god
i dont care if people know i cry
i dont care if people know that sometimes im envious of other bands
i dont care if people stop reading my blog
or stop listnin to my records
cos i dont think they will…not all of em
cos who else does what i do?
none of em…right? not like me
and i never fuckin sold you out
i might have insulted you
but i never insulted your intelligence
and quite frankly
where are you gonna find another
modern renaissance man at this time of night?
you see
and i know you do
that ive been giving you everything here
to the very best of my ability
whether or not you subscribed
whether or not you agreed with me
hey aint i the first one to say that i say stupid things
have i ever told ya that i was infallible?
im just yer regular 52 year old ex-junky bohemian poet
slinging his jazzbass round this world
hooked up to a bunch of fiendss
in some kinda thing
i dont wanna define it..
look have they all gone now…?
can i really be judgemental now with my intimate coterie
my inner sanctum of like-minded n sympathetic friends
can i?
uh oh
i can feel the presence of some of em
still out there
saying they was pissing off
but uh oh
they snuck back in
maybe just to see if olde kilbeings gonna take a last potshot
at their lardy arses
(i guess that was it!)
go on then
git out of it!
you see they
despite everything
they do love me
attracted to me
cos only i got this thing
there are millions of others out there with there things too
why you got kevin shields
you got bono
or jonny greenwood
you andrew eldritch
and you got alex grey
and you got angela carter
and you got that italo calvino
and you got dante
of whom i am a partial reincarnation (ha ha)
you got your artauds
and yer mems
yer dudes from neptunes
yer sunnyboys
n yer ed kueppers
you got yer robert forsters n bernie fannings
you got yer angus n julia stone n yer arcade fires
you got yer proust n yer devoto
you got yer beck n yer becket
you got yer wolfmother n yer johnny foxx
none of em got my spin
which you just happen to like
unless you judged yourself judged
n pissed off
in which case youre not reading these words
anyway today
im gonna think about god
and im gonna think about how god would like me to live my life
and im gonna ask him for the power to make everything i do
more radiant more loving
and ask him to tone down my penchant
for getting all high n mighty
(esp when it comes to meat n “evolution” n war n etc)
and im gonna ask god to help me thru my art
to make this statement over n over
this is a wonderful universe we live in…now dont ruin it!
i think if people see the 1st part the 2nd part follows
now when i meet another man of my age
who can do what i do
with my newfound enthusiasm for life
can run around a stage for 2 hours
can keep producing the goods over n over
i mean i aint ever gonna dry up
im plugged in
i am a fucking electric prophet baby
telling ya one day no more meaty…uh ah no no
i tell you there will be revolt back into style
and people will expect all lyricists to churn out stuff as good as mine
ha ha
im on a real fucking ego trip here n it feels great..ha ha
im totally fucking mad baby
but so so so so
coldly sane
this analytical virgoan mind
this incredible library in my head of arcane tidbits n groovy tales
children you have but begun to glimpse inside my head
i demand a lot but i give a lot
i am the human you never met
i make so many mistakes
i heavy handed where i should be light
im docile when i should attack
but my aspirations…
they are sky fucking high
im that eccentric old uncle you never had
im a mythquoting pastel weilding velvet voiced idiot
and baby i fucking rock
so i know you forgive me for being steve sometimes
cos i could really be so much more than that
so i say let em go….
if theyre gone…
maybe we needed some changes here
i love you guys
i loved them as well
but if you cant agree on basic things
like everythings right to not be brutalized unnecessarily
and im sorry
but i just gotta laugh when people say
i dont respect their beliefs about eating meat
oh…its beliefs now is it…?
but silly me
i mean im preaching to the converted now
will be interesting to see my bloggecharte position plummet
but theres nothing as liberating as plummetting out of a chart
ask me im an expert
and oh dear im ranting again
the reason i want to stop the meat n the reason i avoid meat
is not for the wee animals
its for ourselves
so we can respect ourselves
so we can remain younger n healthier longer
so we can vibrate at this higher rate
because i was saying
give peace a chance
try it the easy way
im sorry if i judged em
but although harsh words are never nice
if i did convert one person
and ya know there were 3 or 4
who said yes sk
im back on the path
and if the demand for that little piglets flesh
and the sweet darling lambs
(how could those sadists eat a lamb???)
and the calves with their huge trusting eyes
and the chickens n geese n all feathered friends
if that demand slackens off by just 3 or 4 people
then surely it was worth it to send those others
off in their pseudo-huffs
theyll be back…
and you know
how gentle is your language sposed to be
when yer describing carnage
they eat the results of unspeakable horror
but wish not be admonished in violent terms
if you eat meat n read my blogge
i hope you are thinking about this whole thing
and if you like what i do
it is all informed by vegetarianism
i could have never written any of my things with meat in my system
and its getting urgent
read that list that guy posted yessaday
101 reasons
if none of them dont move ya
see ya at the barbeque during armageddon
so whaddya know
i started off peaceful
i got boastful in the middle
n ended up ranting n raving
just like the being you love
just like it always was
and will be
on n on
being in love

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