posted on February 24, 2012 at 7:43 pm

lost and frowned

a black cat night

i have forgotten my name i have forgotten my self

oh finally i seem to be someone else

i look out at all this with my new eyes

i touch the night with my new hands

in australia where it is primitive

nature runs rampant

the bugs are omnipresent

the trees and plants and flowers hustle in shadows

cars driving here and there and back again

friday night picking up momentum

wind picks up

dealer picks up

ambulance picks up

taxi picks up

guitarist picks up

drummer picks up

music begins

a symphony for friday night perfect night

ive never heard music like this

i never knew a night like this

perfect temperature

perfect sky

perfect breeze perfect trees

still some cruel morning will shatter it

and i’ll be me again in a trice

you can be sure

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