posted on April 21, 2006 at 12:15 am

nothing is real
all is in flux
everything is happening at once
i invented time so you could understand that.
music comes to me unasked
words fill up my head
i sip my nepenthe
the ichor in me rises
i begin to vibrate
i feel the hands of the muses
and the fates
each with their equal claim
music comes to me unmasked
it stands naked in my fingertips
it will slip unclothed into your void
in to your emptiness i thrust my music
for safekeeping
like a long walk through the snow
like a night under a lake
beneath the surface tension
of our little society and its rules
you will have my music
to keep you company
to endure the lonely watch of wee small hours
in your triumph and your shame
music will take you home
music will draw your bath
the sound of my singing voice
will hold you in place
will hold you up
when your velocity falters
like little children
songs enter the world
hang around for a while
grow up and move on
in the glorious spring of our masters eternal youth
music will lead you over hills
through the woods
the elementals
the spirits of the trees
music oozing out of this earth
unbidden music
strange music
make mine strange and weird
my music that tries to envelope you
my music youve never heard
the music i keep for my self
the stuff that would break your heart
the notes that fall like tears
the words that are too much to bear
the songs you know are but a shadow
of the secret music
that undresses and caresses you
and leaves you sleepy and unsatiated
the music that borrows a thousand crowns
and never repays them
the music that was made illegal in new north wales
and kingsland
the music that was heavily censored by the romans
the music that jesus whistled when he was a boy
the music that was the last thing dad played
on his piano before he died
the music that i heard deep in the ground
the music that bees hear in the flower
the music vishnu dreams as he sleeps

dip your fingers in the cold current
you sit on the prow of our small boat
as we glide through these underground caverns
take up your instrument and sing
as i row row row my boat
gently down the stream

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