posted on February 13, 2008 at 12:55 am

not much time
off to studio soon
walk thru rain listening to hendrix on way to pool
water same temp as air 23 degrees c
feel like your flying
fierce wind blowing drops away from my face
rain falls i swim on
a long slow lazy swim
my mind switches off
occaisional memories flash on n off
the bottom of pool covered in white sand
the green water sloshes around
up n down i go
my body synchs up
breathing effortlessly
the body works like a machine
i try to perfect my strokes
the sauna is hot
i watch my sweat drip from my forehead
and splash on the wood
we are almost all water
i do my chi gong in the rain
i catch sight of myself in a window
one minute i think i look good
next minute i think i look bad
my opinion of myself in all things
constantly bouncing between two poles
either im the bees knees
or im something useless
it keeps me on my toes
im also self obssessed as you may easily see
no matter what i fucking write
someone will jump on n criticize it
fact fiction opinion memory drug veg whatever
there is that carping complaining comment
gee maybe im paranoid but it sometimes seems like the same guy
someone with a grudge against me
cos i didnt behave how i was s’posed to
you know it wouldnt be too hard to figure out, would it?
just so ya dont think anonymous fools me
and did you know that i gotta cracked program
that identifies every anon to me
muse: is that true?
you bet yer sweet bippy it is
everything is possible these days
been working on the church
singing n writing words
ah i dont wanna demystify it for ya
had a butterscotch muffin
deffo not vegan but i had severe munchies
drinking too much berry v
but gee i love guarana
ooh it suits my system dont it
i too was a fan of roy s
all that jazz…..hmmm
dr benbow in nakey lunch etc
its sad knowing hes gone
a message to my dear friend suzanne
in far flung djakarta (or however they spell it)
i drove your car yesterday
tim jumped in and ate a quiche
and tiny little flakes of pastry fell thru the air
decorating the pristine black interior
already littered with one empty fiji bottle
and one empty v can
and (shock) a chocky wrapper
(vegan chocky)
i felt if james could see it he would explode
but will vacky in time for your return
yes gigs are on the horizon for me me me
early april in melb
ditto for syd
a dvd launch
gee does that mean davidson gets his own guest list?
i dunno
you get a free dvd by coming to gig
(but the entry fee is steeper)
i tell ya
im gonna play for a longtime
im slimmer and funnier and have more charisma than i used to
muse : oh thats a vulgar declaration killerbee
come and see me
get a dvd
i can kiss your hands and shake your baby
you can anointeth me in precious cash
or swipe me with yer card
i tell ya one thing
im gonna be doing some different songs
can i talk martin kennedy to coming along in melbo?
ooh i hope so….
can i get polly dog doodell to mix me?
oooh i hope so
what else?
thats enough for now
gonna pick tim up somewhere
have work to do
cant sit here all day
in stormy north bondi
rabbitting on to you
cmon mofo
bring on your niggly little barbs
and we all know who you are….

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