posted on January 29, 2009 at 7:13 pm

your humble bumbling hero did well
a lovely venue
a big crowd
an appreciative bunch
the triffids played like demons
i came on 2/3 rds the way thru
sing stolen property
everything goes according to plan
the words now lodged in my head
i am free to interpret
what an amazing song
it goes down great
next lonely stretch
we knock it dead
next wide open road
good but not as good as the others
encore :field of glass
i go to fucking town
running about screaming myself horse
i fall to my knees
i wave me bloody arms about
i give it everything
i let my mind shutup
and i let my voice just roar n sing
the words all come off their carousel in my head
i nail it
i nail it good
no major cock-ups
some minor timing issues,,,nothing more
what a great nite
im knackered
go home
eschew after party bollocks
tomorrow : bimbadgen winery
i’m well on course

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