posted on August 30, 2012 at 2:40 pm

believe me there is nothing worse than when your children get sick

when i was in sweden i put some pictures on the net of my daughters head

zipperhead i called her

and there is that big ugly zippered up scar on the back of her neck

but that scar filled me with dread and anxiety

around this time marianne in newcastle england was writing to me

her granddaughter jade has had a lot of operations

a lot of painful invasive awful operations and shes only fifteen

at an age when most kids are getting on with being teenagers

jade has been bravely and stoically coping with one thing after another

an operation to correct the last operation etc

shes undergone a lot for a teenaged girl !

anyway in newcastle theyre having a bit of a fundraiser

because these operations cost a fucking fortune


unable to attend that fundraiser

and wanting to do something

i have written a song for jade

and the money from all downloads will go straight to her family

now the song itself was problematical

i wanted to write something magnificent to exemplify jades struggle

this ideal nearly gave me writers block where ive never had it before

the immensity of my task seemed to stop me in my tracks

eventually i settled for a beatley/ glam rocky happy get better kinda song

i think you’ll like it

and believe me the money will be going to a very good cause

its a win/win situation

and jade will be in a lot of peoples hearts and prayers

go ahead now please

even if this is the only download you buy from me ever

and get a song for jade plus instrumental jade mix

its only $ 5 for 12 minutes plus worth of music

thank you

steve xxxxx


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