posted on May 17, 2006 at 8:54 pm

morning you lot
oh oh i slept in
its 6 50
oh dear
naughty sk snoozing in so late

ok a few small announcements
sir belfrank d
whom was cruelly and thoughtlessley
left off the list of friends of sk
has now been promoted to
lord of the realm
after receiving package yesterday
with so many goodies
it was ridiculous
houdini vids
jeff buckley
t rex vids
william blake (wasnt he in slowdive..?)
loadsa stuff
altres is also promoted to lord of the sink ports
for his package of gifts
now im not saying a package of gifts
gets you a knighthood at sk land..
arise sir brian h altres
and sir belfrank d.
you guys are the most….
see yer at dublin and england
and altres…
can you bring me some scottish jazz numbers
just in case…?
talking of which
as its my auntie irenes funeral today
im having a few puffs off my vaporiser
which is a little machine
that turns your smoking materials into vapour
thats right, not smoke
but vapour
no smell
no fuss
just pure vapour
which means you can enjoy yer fave
“smoking mix”
even at yer grannies house
but no smell or smoke
at the moment im sampling a little
victorian gippsland organic indica
and its going down a treat
now if yer tired of me mentioning pot
im so fucking sorry
i bet youd go on charles bukowskis blogg
and say
im bored with hearing about alcohol
so if ya dont like it mes amigos
theres the door
and heres another detail ive forgotten to mention
this blogg will close down on 22 nov this year
thats right
im gonna cut ya all off
im gonna release a blook
of this blogg
im gonna win a pull-lister! prize
im gonna buy a big house in vor-cluse
and thatll be the last yer see of my well toned ass
so lap it up while its fer free
see if ya can find another bass toting word spitting
smooth crooning olde genius
that you can trust with yer heart
i think those guys are kinda thin on the ground round here
so keep that doomsday date in yer head fiendss
22 november 2006
the day after peter ks birthday
(as yer sending off his expensive presents priority mail
youll notice the date and gulp )
do you realise whatll happen when yer cut off
cold turkey
feeling of “unreality”
emotions gone haywire
there maybe chills fever
imitating fish
need to urinate rainbows
desire for musk sticks n sherbet
a perverse need to listen to dabble
there some of the downsides
to being a bloggefiend
so be nice to me while im here
youre gonna cry when im gone
you gonna say
oh that sk
they dont make bloggers like him annie moore
he blogged every hour god sent, that manne
he was a prophet seer and a sage
a bass pluckin’ philanthropist
a poetic saint (with naughty bits)
if i do deign to carry on after yon date
im a frayed yer gonna be digging in yer pockets
cos im spending more time on this than anything else
in my life
my kids dont know me
i heard aurora justine say to her mum
whos that olde cat with the white beard n scruffy hair
bangin’ away on the lapp top

its true
now ive just topped up my vapouriser
with a little something
pam n perry found for me
in northern new south wales
if ya smoke enuff dope
you can be northern and south
at the same time
2 places at once, fiendss

so dont be angry with me you ballbrakers
i gotta long drive
and a sad task ahead of me
im jus’ havin’ somethin’ to get detatched

by the way
save up yer pennies
kh is gonna release jack frost 1
with all etcs
im repainting the covers
yer gonna love it
it might help when the blogge dries up
it certainly wont hurt
i gotta go get ready
me n jlk n rpk
gonna drive down to canberry
to say goodbye to irene bennett nee jackson
i guess i’ll see olde joycie there
shes pretty sad about this too
itll cheer her up to see her three sons
the good, the bad, and the ugly
not necessarily in that order

go forth
or go fourth
it doesnae matter to me
i love you

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