posted on April 25, 2015 at 10:48 pm
rain of terra

rain of terra

wind whipped droplets tiara crested

hawklike hailstoned in a hidden house

carousing with some bird

i knock at the bass drum as if a heartbeat

small voices escape from it like sighs and whispers

in the backwoods symphony of autumn that falls

my wandy stick emanating mana oh my tremble feather

tree topping hills in 1950s rain

i look out from my branch deep in the may emporium

in my white and ruffled room like tabby ochre

kitty claude all nailed damasked and frozen inner sky

i under land the plain

half human fuller gain

black dove on white sky

my arrows arcs towards it on the fly

i apprehend your pain as waves thru a devices membrane

in the bolero readings of my spanish uke

fluking a wail

i sing of summergone days



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