posted on March 26, 2010 at 12:39 am

stuck with myself
stuck on myself
stuck by myself
stuck in myself
this body is a cage
odd moments elongate
canberra damp n dripping
crossing the road to buy a yoghurt slice
i just got stoned in my mazda in the carpark
i gotta go back to work but first i got the munchies
hey hey i’m a young man but it dont feel that much different
its late autumn early afternoon
the pot has suspended time like a cloud in the sky
one long white low cloud blowing up the street
i walk over to the shop
i have to cross a big highway
i’m in the suburb of barton
every building here almost is the public service
inside the shop i thumb thru their rude magazines whilst waiting
good lord its 197? and you can see this sort of thing..!?
the lady at the counter frowns at me as i order my yoghurt slice
i love the currants n sultanas in them
i look at my reflection in the glass
i got platform shoes bellbottom pants and a body shirt
i’m skinny and lanky looking
i have ridiculously long hair which i fiddle with like a foppy fool
i go back up the office
none of em know or react to my exploits
i do some menial job
i pay lip service to a system thats waiting for me to leave
to tell you the truth i was a lousy programmer
i never got one tiny subroutine to run
i was a useless public servant
i was a churlish twit disturbing these poor peoples calm
they just wanted a quiet life
but now they were sitting in an office
with a babbling fool spouting on about whatever nonsense
hey kilbey shuttup!
so what i was a square peg in a round whole
why did i have to make their lives a misery?
so i’d smoke pot eat yoghurt slices and run round the lake
uh huh lake burley griffin
jog jog run run
remember the japanese guy who ran past each day
eventually communicating with me in a split second
how his run was going
how his day was going
his opinion of the whole damn shebang
one day a grunt
one day a grimace
sometimes rarely a broad triumphant smile
sometimes downcast despair
a troubled glance
a sly wink
a cough
a nod or shake
sometimes closed eyes
as i ran past him
eventually one of my knees packed it in
i visited a really nice doctor who said stop running
he was such a kind handsome knowledgeable doctor
the next week he was run over n killed on his bike by a drunk driver
anyway imagine me pre church fame
running round this fucking lake at lunch time in autumn
pumped up on endorphin
another quick smoke
upstairs feet up reading the illuminati trilogy
n munching on my yoghurt slice
and yelling out stray bits of the stuff i’m reading
to the ultra straights trying to work
hey it says here that schrodingers cat blah blah blah…
shuttup kilbey please!
the time passes by slow
i try to work to escape the time
but i cant work at something that has no interest to me
like updating a fucking mailing list….yeah sure….ha ha
dear sir can i please be put on the mailing list for these magazines..?
the dairy outlook
the beefy times
the pork and barrel herald
etc etc
signed farmer jones
my job to put said geezer on list
i had a computer programme after all
i had a box of cards with instructions in fortran
i had a little booth
the tea lady came up to our floor n i had tea n biscuits
i had my own phone n extension#
what a little goose i was though
thoroughly confused and lost
sitting in this old tower in barton on a chilly a.c.t. day in autumn
so long ago
lifetimes n lifetimes ago
fucking about doing nothing
turning up at 9
released at 4 51
sitting watching that second hand go round
willing it urging it on
wishing my life away
i jumped ship n moved to sydney
into some unknown life betting on myself n i got lucky i guess
one year ago no one would even listen to my music but my brothers
now i got interviews n flights to catch and people to see
the only constant is the dope
the drone thruout my adult life (a dolt life)
now i dont even have to try n hide it
canberra seems a long way hence and thence
they threw a book of my poetry out once
i was away n they moved my desk
n threw away my book of poetry i was writing
now people were interested in what i wrote
we went back n played in canberra
yeah they suddenly loved me after all that time
hey no hard feelings
i was a ninny and i deserved all i got
strange strange days fiends
strange strange days

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