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i deal in spirit the heaviest element

white shot of soul in the heart of everyman
my ace of gods babbling in my mind (the good brook)
as creation whirls around vishnu at 33 and a 3rd RPM
i am in between the muses and the pineals
i hover between mind and body nowhere to be found
oh embrace the paradox and get over it..!
the sexy rocknroll christs getting hammered for love
lucid holy ghost dream your nails rip open my hand
your tortured eyes always depicted nephilim blue
but how to connect you with these teaming galaxies..?
sweet personal kid who comes as buddha or krsna
buddha says yes there are gods but all must fall down
krsna says come walk with me
in the these brilliant pastures of flamingo and swan
i took care of everything and eternity is guaranteed
talitha baby child om shanti forever
i am yoked to this universe i am hooked on the stars
in the most marvellous language i sing worlds into life
i believe in everything as all belief in me
my lovely god a handsome devil he moves in wonder
emanating sublime continuums with bio-tech miracles
fashioning creatures to admire the scenery
thus he sneaks up on himself to try to dig this sacred earth
the tiny eyes see for themselves the clouds and the seas
it is nothing to me that they do not believe

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