posted on August 12, 2008 at 9:02 pm

all you need is a way in
a way in
a way in
the palms open
the patient vegetation
the path half stoned
the gate swings
sometimes you cant take a trick
sometimes it doesnt matter if youre good or bad
the more desperate you are……
when you start trying to force things….
when everything keeps going wrong
people misunderstand
no ones on your side
you think of the outrages and you bristle
you think of the truth and it scalds
you think of all the times….
this place.
nice weather
you grew up here
all those snakes and spiders
never got you once
the sun got you tho
got you good when you werent looking
nothing brings you pleasure anymore
its just a fight
you cant ever win now
its just…..this and that…
red tape
an appointment
take your medicine
get something fixed
you cant get what you need back there
words glide from you if you want…but so what?
its all kinda moot
a done deal
nothing personal
destiny after all
accept it all as it comes…..bah!
the rats keep running faster
nibble nibble gnaw gnaw
whats undone is undone
time and tide
lost all your letters when the ship sank
bad poker game / dead mans hand
you start to remember something
it happened a long long time ago
somehow you can still see it in your mind
did this happen to you…..?
is this a story….?
youd worked hard
youd done what was asked and you were resting
and then that thought came
that burning thought arrived in your mind
the name of a city
a place you had to go
ive already done so much you moaned at it
but the name of the city was your only reply
get someone else you thought
but still just that name
no no im not going you thought …didnt you
im not going there no no
but the name was like a gong crashing in your head
it seems to appease it when
you walk to the docks
2 ships
one to your destination
another to another city altogether
at the last moment
you jump on the other ship
you pay for your ticket with your last bit of cash
you settle down in your berth
you look in the mirror
an old man
white beard sunburnt face
penetrating eyes but what do they penetrate if not yourself
it feels better now we are out at sea
the name has stopped pounding
the sea air is cool and soothing
you feel tired
you lay down and sleep
when you awake
the ship is starting to go up and down
waves fling it about on an agitated sea
the water crashes over the deck
the sailors work at the ropes
they pull in the sails
they strain at the oars
the ship sails down into a huge green chasm of water
the captain is screaming to the men through the storm
the ship is as helpless as the smallest leaf on a tree
it spins and lists and shudders
the sailors are praying and crying out
still you hide in your berth
though there is no hiding place to be had
the name of the city pounds in your brain
even you
even you
the most stubborn old fool ever
you realise
you realise how it must be
its me you scream
its me
its me
its me!
you stand on the deck
awash with water
you stare into that wild water
you stare into the grey green depths
at the white crested waves
no one tries to stop you
and you jump
the shock of the cold water
water fills your lungs
you cough and splutter
the sea swallows you down
the water is calm again
the sailors somehow save their ship and get to joppa
while you
in some stinking purgatory
some fishy darkness
you in the slime and guts
breathing as you can
eating as you can
travelling somewhere
you know
you can never escape your destiny
what must be
it seems
must be
and you were picked
this task was fallen to you
the monster spits you out
on the cold sand
you have arrived

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