posted on October 12, 2007 at 8:44 am

cooler than yesterday
never again
and i thought
and i thought
and i thought
things would change
we come back or out
a hundred years goneby
yeah you know what i’m saying
things pile up
one on top of another
the other on top of the other
accumulation of layers
nothing will ever be simple
nothing is simple
how can it be
seeing the interconnection
no separation if you want it
i read the americans went back and meddled in the past
its at least possible
nothings simple
everythings possible
the implications are enormous
are you excited
dont tell me you couldnt think of anything to do
i see a big billboard near my mothers place
puppetry of the penis …tonight
at the local club
some wild and innovative cat
was sitting round playing with himself
oh he aint happy with that
hes doing tricks with his john thomas
he can turn it inside outside like a mushroom
imitate bulldogs and tomcats
and stretch it out and shrinkle it all up
hell his balls are part of the act too
what i’m saying is
a bold daring original idea
these potp guys are pulling full houses
all over the mondo baybee
a guy had the ingenious idea
without needing to spend any money
or get any equipment
nor lessons
nor any real talent thats ever been recognized before i guess
but pure originality
my whatnot will be a comedy act
i will expose my whatnot
pull it about
stick it between my legs
all that stuff
you saw kids at school do i suppose sometimes
and now hes bestriding stages in paris rome munich
and newcastle
why is he a millionaire
and all you other guys with cocks broke?
cos he thought of it
i imagine he was entertaining his missus one night
look kylie, its a frilly collared gibbon
and she laughed and laughed saying
you should be onstage, dick
a little light goes on
the future beckons
money lubricates your ascendancy
one blindingly original idea
just that
and youre on yer merry way

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