posted on February 20, 2012 at 9:11 pm

attic man

serenity grant me a god

i am in love with this earth

i want to know who fashioned her green seas

and who colours these azure heavens

and who is that causes stars to fall in white lines

and who guides the bloom from the bud

and who teaches the first bird to fly

who has given the bees honey

who has given the river to the salmon

i am in love in this earth

its waterfalls its gorgeous palms

its rainbows arcing up the sky

its verdant lands under sun and moon

the lovely women of this earth

as they sing as they work as they sway

the wonderful women of this planet

as they sleep as they remember as they love

i am in love with the women in the sky

i am in love with the women in the water

i am in love with the women who no longer live

i am in love with delilah and sheba and jezebel

i am in love with athene and elektra and radha

i am in love with the touch with the feeling

i am in love with this sweet world i am a fool

i kiss the shore i kiss the cloud i kiss the waves

i kiss daughter i kiss sister i kiss mother i kiss other

i kiss the future goodbye

god who made god

your world is very lovely

i am in love with parrot i am in love with black cat

i am in love with music

i am a fool

god who made the god who made this world

god of man god who created woman

a man in love with god and woman i am

just another man i love my tiny daughter

i love girls i love them all i am a fool

the music i hear in the womens voices

the paintings i see in their eyes

the mornings i see in their afternoons

who made these afternoons of gentlest grey

who made these perfect raindrops

who made these ferns and these flowers

i am in love with the rain

i am in love with the earth itself

it seems to speak somehow

it seems to retain our memory

everything all mixed up i expect

the way man grows in woman

the way tree grows in earth

the way storm grows in sky

all filled with spirit

all filled with life

the dead return among us

the souls go round and round

the music is playing

everything is dancing to it

mountain city sun and sea

they say

everything is OK


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