posted on June 28, 2007 at 7:55 am

im feeling pretty low
im feeling pretty blue
my life seems a struggle
seems one argument after another
seems i am kicking against the pricks
wish i could accept it
im hooked on good times
and i cant handle the bad
i see people take serious knocks
and they get up n keep going
i get dismayed so easy
i get put off the track
i get dislodged
my anger has flared up n burnt me up inside
used me up in one useless flash
in sydney its miserable winter
wet cold ugly weather
there wassa bitta sun this morning
but it vacated the premises about 1 oclock
the houses in sydney are freezing
i know what cold weather is..
i lived in sweden
it was minus 25 outside
but i was warm in comfy inside
no draft
no heater blaring forth electric rays burning n drying yer skin
(oh the poor being has sensitive skin)
no blower heater blowing dry dead air at ya one side
while the other side freezes
it was always about 73 degrees
the radiators came on n went off
the place didnt even need them
double glazing n good materials
eg a decent threshold that stopped drafts
theres a gale half an inch high
blowing under my doors
i put those snake things there but the kids move em
or when the door opens which the thing hinders
or they concentrate the draft into a small whirl of intense damp draft
look i know i shouldnt complain
but im burnt out n freezing
the internet is playing up here
so im lucky there is a blogge at all
n dont get fluffed up if i aint returned yer email, gmail, phonecall, letter
telegram,smoke signal,wave, message,indication or whatever
im nihilated
its school holidaze next week
n i can only imagine this weather plus cabin fever doodles
someones done something to the falcon n its leaking
pam n perry just came over
so ive hadda smoke n im drinking some green ginger wine
plus some fucking neurofens (the ones with lotsa codeine)
but i still feel like halfaman
im listening to brian eno another green world
and quite frankly i wish i was there
somewhere else
somebody else
or cancelled out
i dont want to die
but i’d like to go into suspension for a while
i had some nice dreams last night
i have a magic recipe for you to try
especially if you have trouble sleeping
in one glass of warm/hot water
add one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 quarter a teaspoon of bicarb soda
drink before beddy bedtime
and if you dont have the best creamiest night sleep
(you’ll see what i mean…no mr humphries jokes now davem)
then you can pay me double the subscription back!!
you see it alkalizes yer body
mmmm alkiline good
acidic badde!
you better believe that it works
or i wouldnae have recommended it to yas
whew i just turned the brightness down on my ibook gee4
so much fucking electric pollution in yer beings system
i once had this check for pollutions
my electro magnetic contamination (at that point in time)
was litchrally off the dial
i was fulla the stuff
todays no better with electric heaters
i dont know what
all the electricity bombarding me
i’ll end up like the bat
hanging fried upside down on a wire
ive pushed my tough(on juicy wallops side) working class
english genes far enough
i havent eaten all day n i have a lean n hungry look
god you never know what to expect from a mirror
all my life ive been alternately attracted n repelled by my own visage
i mean
what is a “face”?
do you ever think about that?
why do we place so much emphasis on faces?
why does a straight nose n grey eyes go much easier on the eye
what makes my white beard quite so attractive
how do you look olde n young at the same time?
my face my face
all those dead handsome men
all them dead beautiful women
all the fatskinny people
all the nobody people
all the somebody people
what will it mean when youre gone
i hate it when im impressed by prettiness or handsomeness
even tho the owner seems vacant mean or useless
but some deep sense of human aesthetic gives us knee jerk reaction
you have to educate yerself to resist
like the monks n the priestesses n vestal virgins
but to most of us
the right human geometry facially can blind us
good looks…..think about it
would you rather lose face or lose your face?
beauty is skin deep
and skin is flimsy stuff
like mine
dry cold tired epidermis
big deal
being human isnt always that much fun
even when theres nothing really wrong with ya
like me
always complaining
about something

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