posted on October 3, 2009 at 3:23 am


when youre on youre on
aint it the truth in spades
ah ya like my little music month…?
i strew songs before me like flowers
i write em
i throw em forth
i never think of em again
songs burst out of me like universes burst out of sleeping vishnu
the compensation for growing old is experience
experience is a good thing to have
everytime you do something you get experience
more n more n more
oh then you start to get a feel
oh delightful day
you grok you suss you understand
you can do it just right
i dont care where or on what
yeah gee whizz
i cant just leave ya high n dry
without all those new songs you accustomed to getting
so because i am all heart and
seeing how much you need this music
and seeing how some generous subscribers will cough up some more dough
to make this all possible (natch!)
because it takes a bit of time to knock this stuff off
and i know you’ll appreciate i just want my artisans standard rate
ie whatever you care to chuck in my hat
and thanks very much to those who did so during september
i feel sufficiently motivated to continue
i have more brand new stuff on the way
my garageband is out there practicing in the garage
i walk in
adjust a few levels
lennon n bolan in my head whisper hints
i let them have their way
one 2 3 four
the hi hat counts in
the guitars crunch down
the acoustic 12 strums with gusto
the drum wallop
the bass all rubber boom boom boom
rocknroll children oh sweet mother of fuckin’ mercy
oh this devils music got me shaking my id
i cant believe im such an old foolish master
released from youths constrictions
focussed by yoga and swimming
amplified by mother natures lovely plants
moving into more parts of my brain
i work feverishly day n night
painting writing dreaming shuddering
i heat up and i freeze
i think of nothing else but music
until i hear the song i always wanted to hear
i tune n strum n pick n croon n loon n soon more
more more more
well well well
i’ll lay it on ya
your wanting it makes it so
your servant

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