posted on February 28, 2006 at 12:28 am

here i am
over here
up at kh headyquarters
sumptuouus etc etc etc
evie is with me
chuckin’ a sickie from school
(why go to learn the words of fools?)
she playing with her magnetic doll
its very quiet here
except for my tinnitus
which sounds like a hundred tvs all switched on
all going wooooooooooooooooooo
(high pitch electronic sounding note)
so my eyesnears are both goin’
too badde
you woulda thought i’d bee more concerned
i guess
theres a funny thing
when yer young the thoughts of age death etc
are abhorrent to ya
now im gettin’ pretty olde
altho i wouldnt say im lookin’ forward to it
i must say it all doesnt seem SO badde
i mean
ive had a goode innings
thanks to vegetarianism
i m probably more active now
than ever before
my calf muscles are legendary
my mind is leaping ahead
of itself
all connexions giving and receiving
dis information
i am proud of my humility
(cmon its a joke)
i am such a lovely manne to be with
its almost unbearable
which is why most people hate me
they love to hate to love to hate
everyone got a different take on everybody
one mans saint is another mans dinner
aint that the troof
its all in the intent
why you reading this tripe at all
cos once i wrote a song you liked
out of all the idiots out there
writin’ songs and singin’
you liked mine
what was different?
the chords? the notes? the words?
it was the intent
the intent to escape the mundane
even tho i have failed many times
i guess
maybe not THAT many times
my badde stuff is only relatively badde
its better than most others best
i reckon
ha ha ha
my olde mother joyce used to say
steven do you think youre right
and the rest of the worlds wrong, son?
and i was forced to concede
no mum it must be me
but here today
on this blogge
in blacknwhite w/ grreen headings
i proclaim
hang on a minute
no no
my my oh my
it IS me thats right
and is the rest of em thats wrong
its all so wrong
i dont even know where to begin
could i do more damage than g w?
if so
what wood that be?
am i a worse actor than joe whoever?
shouldnt i be the no 1 at the u.n.?
why the fuck not?
i can do all this
and still knock off great poptunes for ya
gimme a chance
adhere to my creed
become my disciple
spread my good gospel
go to dangerous places
(hollywood, detroit, wstn subs of syd)
convert the masses
or die in the attempt
dutch peter
you will be my rock in the east
get me all of bronte my friend
nope you can leave maroubra out
so tell em
walk away from yer cars
quit yer 140 k package a year w/flexi-time
and bonus loadings
strip off yer suity
or yer smart skirty
and dance naked
to maybe these bouys
give flowers to policemen
and say
is this the taste of victory?
you know what to do
liberate the fish from the aquariums
liberate the money from yer bank accnts
and send it to me
i’ll spend it on the revolution for ya
ring pam n perry
theyre open till seven
waiting for yer call
tell em
i’ll have alf a pound of whatever
sks smokin’
if you cant afford it
give em the keys to yer 4wd
they wont mind
dress in paisley if you must wear clothes
im trying to cross 2 looks actually
the floral bricklayer
i can go either way
road rage
nut cutlets
try to be versatile
just dont change at all
i dunno
oh yeah
thats a good word
but not as good as ineluctable….
what does that mean again?
i love you
you big dummy

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