posted on June 13, 2006 at 3:07 pm

nick cave sings people aint no good
thats not all true nicky
ive known some wonderful people in my time
now im gonna embarrass em
even the ones who dont read this blogge
1st of all my poor old mum
she carried me
a big fat baby
for 9 months
(dont scoff till ya tried it)
she taught me to tie my shoes
and to enjoy language
my mum was bombed every nite in the blitz of london
she hadda leave school real early
to work when she coulda been an academic or something
other than a steno-sec
she didnt always know what to do with her cheeky precocious son
she’d never heard of enfant terribles and i was that in spades
my olde dad you know about
he had the music in him
and the 2nd world war interrupted whatever other plans he may have had
he was much funnier, and more talented than me but i guess
he never got the breaks
besides he was a zen kinda guy
he never complained or cried or betrayed any weaknesses
he died too too young
and i miss him every day
my bruvver rusty
jesus he took some punishment from me
he was a much nicer kid than me
and everybody loved him
anyway we’re great mates now n thats the main thing
bruvver john, so much younger than me
we always been pretty close
now he runs kh and teaches geniuses
a bit more saintly than me or rusty
very patient
the guys i played music with
ken n joe n dave from baby grande
you were right to kick me out fellas
i was a pain in the arse the whole time
and i didnae have a cloo what i was trying to do
dave, youre still one of my fave guitar players ever
i kneel and worship at yer ability to play them silver strings
you were better in 1974 than i could be if i had a thousand lifetimes to practice
dave young also another great player n writer pre b.g.
he lost some fingers in a bike accident but could still play
like a demon
bronny n joanna from the act debating team
we nearly went all the way to the top, didnt we?
and we had a fucking hoot too
peter k
been my buddy for a long long time now
over 30 years
another natural who i could never emulate
an intaresting character
a devils advocate
he likes to shake it up
i shoulda listened to your warnings more often pk
but i was slow dazzled by everything
what a fucking trooper
have guitar, will travel
always developing getting better n better
stuck by me thru some very nasty times
and i’ll always appreciate it
tim p
for reorganizing n reenergising the mess
that you came into….
an old boys club going nowhere
the MOST patient man i have ever met
he can deal with anything
and he usually does
easily easily the best drummer
i ever played with hands down
chris gilbey for havin a bitta faith in the beginning
even tho it went a bit bad at the end
KLK who put his money where his mouth was
another of natures gentlemen
stood by watching me self destruct n never wagged a finger
my olde mate martin k
another guy who was ALWAYS there for me when the chips were down
sometimes the only one who was
you saved my ass a few times
and i’ll never forget it
karin j for her persistence n good faith
and helpin me write some songs
and for givin me elli n minna
theyre a credit to ya
her husband gorm who always made me welcome
when he neednt have
my olde buddy markus s
im so glad to see ya again and in love
(he’ll really hate being mentioned here
but i love the manne, what can i say)
my wife nk
who went thru so many junk withdrawals with me
and like klk
never said i told ya so
she just was there
and she loved me hard
and i love her for her beauty n soft words
and cos she gave me a, e n s
and cos we’re such a happy family
my sister in law amy s
what a lovely talented beautiful lady
gave me my first set of pastels too
zoe…youre lovely
wendy her mum
a truly truly miraculous woman
is there anything she cant do?
shes cured a million things
and never laid a finger on me!!
holly j
who encouraged me tp paint
and has helped me realise it
g nunn
ditto for poetry
boydie for nsew when there was nothing n nobody else
to m farrant for the maven…just dont say quirky!
to the guys who started shadow cab n hotelwomb
we’d be almost nowhere without ya
to grant
who ya know i love
to patti hoodlum
whatta lady n harpist
cant wait to see ya
ricky or rikki or however ya spell it
the only guy who can hang round yer house all day
n nobody ever gets sick of
the dutch norwegian dude
shame it wassa short one in london
to kevvy nejjy
in buda
a real surprise
ya did ya gig with style n aplomb
youre a really lovely bloke
james n suzanne b
my true friends
people who put their arses on the line in places other people
dont wanna go
like malawi, mongolia , indonesia
the lil lord
i love that woman
not gonna swell his head again

and of course
the readers on my blogge
who agree disagree
they care
i wanna say a few words of encouragement to mark m
i been hearin about yer troubles, mate
and if my bloggy cheers ya up
thats the least i could do
hope yer improving
to the lady from yessaday
with the nasty nasty growth
i am convinced veganism n meditation
and all the good things are the way to go
youve touched my heart
and we’re praying for you n yer daughters here
to sue c
what can i say..?
all the rest of ya
i dont want a big schmaltzy love in here
cos im really a hard bastard
but you got me hooked on this thing
i cant wait to read yer comments
each day
we got somethin like 700 people a day on here
if ya dont post any comments
go ahead…be a devil
youre my readers
youre my conscience
otherwise if ya didnae exist
i woodnt bovver writing nuffink
at all
anyone whos bought my music
or art
or poetry
i appreciate you had other choices
thanks for flying with sk airways
theyre may still be some turbulence ahead
sorry i aint answered all them questions yet…
i hope to do so slowly
if i didnt mention ya
doesnt mean i dont love ya
i do
we’re all kinda in thiss together
i aint gotta clue where its all going
but im excited…
and honoured
to have y’all part of my life so far
see ya soon
im having dinner with minna glowy
and elli bear
twas their last day of school today..
its a heatwave here…

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