posted on September 30, 2010 at 10:05 pm

colonel o'truth : the officers mess

fad hacker what a fuckin’ little cracker

the blacker i feel the more real my fake little cake spoutin’ blake

yeah i cant awake

i shop n i stroll in my dolls house role

i flee this flea pitted tom titted nit witted plane

im half insane the other half is shattered

it never mattered

i mean, i’m really flattered

n everything

wild thing you make my heartstrings

where the wild thing is

not in showbiz not in another tizz

that fizzed miserably

baby you just been borne aloft

i mean i’m hard n i’m soft

i mean i sneezed n i coughed

i mean i shoulda fucked off

i mean fuck

wheres my lucky brake

wheres my con stricter snake

on the take

on the make

the awful ache

not the blower, rake!

oh yeah freeze it honey

oh no now gimme my money

oh yeah listen to that thing with its bawls

oh now listen to me sing in these halls

build yer house make her a mouse

sooner or later you feted to suffer you mother

you violent crumble amidst yer bathetic rumble

the babblin’ rabble brook no river of blood

suddenly i sank to my knees

your words stabbed my seizure of your seas

i lay down flat a supine man a superlative percolatin’

i drifted at deaths dour door

my heart had double guessed its hole of the law

your resume dismays me , mae

your quals blow in squalls cross my hols

my hull is scraping the sky

the deep sky in your indian eye

i own eons blues

seven long years i been hearing my own ears

look here comes mercury to set me free

dont send me off unwillingly

i’m wine dark…..see…?

gracefully gracious your space is spacious your mood capricious

your smirk is murky and facetious

on the beach looking at all the preachers

i dont believe in bondage to an adage

im not a cabbage or a king

i just some thing

some thing she wave gravely about as i shout stop

the cop was a fan the fan was a cop the faun with one horn

you may kill me with your sawn off storm so be fair dont stare there there

double truth double dare

everyone ask where where where?

i pointlessly point to the  one you anoint  in your tears

a disjointed  joiner in the joint

5 years stuck on yer eyes

5 years whatta surprise

my song just ends

thats it my friends

goodwishes sk sends

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