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add end a

the other evening hanging around in the time being green room

i was having a chat to our cleaning lady mrs macgilliguddy

who speaks in a thick scottish brogue

mrs mac-g comes in regularly to update and sort out our vaults

so much of your bloody stuff to look after …she mutters

we get in a bit of a conversation and after awhile

mrs mac-g (Why Steven, why dont you call me Doreen?) says

I’d love to put together a couple of CDs of all your addenda…

to cut a long story short mac-g and i went rigorously through our sources

and we arrived at these two cds divided in to 1960-1995 and 1995 to now

please see our comments below

mac-gs are in italics

here is the tracklisting for the cds you can now download from bandcamp

(or, of course, you can pick and choose to complete your collection)

addenda 1

1uncle dennis sets the scene

this is me reciting poetry at the age of six introed sarcastically by uncle dennis

this was a tape my dad was making to send home to the rellies in england

Well shiver me timbers, this is the cutest thing you ever heard

so cute i may have to …….

mac-g makes a gesture of fingers down her throat etc

2 put you on my wall

this is the first of four baby grande songs. baby grande existed  74-77?

peter koppes may or may not be on here i cant tell

he left halfway through the  bands career

the other players are dave scotland on guitar joe lee on bass

and ken wylie on drums

i dunno if i played anything or not on it….

theres some awful lyrics on this one

i guess you could say it had not occurred to me to be myself

on the other hand i was 19 or 20 or something

This is for all those people who think you sprang into action

already spouting under the milky bloody way, Steven

3 pure white and deadly

inspired by an article i read about sugar……

Christine Keeler indeed my boy……showing your age ..

trust you to have read up on all that grimy bloody business…..

4 getting with murder

me imagining what a rockstar would write songs about

This song is so bad Silverhead would have been embarrassed by it…!!

5 mad damn lash

its like a third rate kiss song or something…..

Now I see why you didnt want some of this out there, young man….

6  statue garden

in 1978 i visited some castle in england that had a statue garden

i sat down on the spot and wrote the words

a year or so later i guess this was ar0und 1980 now i did the music

recorded on my teac 4 track

its not a bad little number at all

A quantum leap forward, my dear boy

Its like you’ve turned into yourself here ,at last!

A rebirth away from that silly saucy tawdry sordid glam rock palaver!

i could imagine you wrote this track yesterday…..

7 electrical disturbance

some of these tracks are from bootlegs

i have long since lost the original cassettes let alone master tape

they have been copied and some have less than average sound quality

i have tried to fix it up a bit but there was not much to be done

but here in about 79-80 i am …living in rozelle now

a huge tropical thunderstorm lit up the big white room i set up in at first

later on i moved my tape recorder  downstairs

but i did this one as i gazed out over sheets of rain

and the tangled masses of the back gardens vegetation

Oh my dear boy…i feel like I’m back in Lemuria again….with Mr Mac-G….

i mean what a magnificent piece..and all on a four track… !

8 ur inside

an instrumental with some intensity

this ones ones sonic clout amazed me to hear it again after so many years

this is about 198o i guess

A virile insistent piece  ……pure genius I say….

9 inkling

same period same days

me trying to rewrite a t rex song and getting close


10. my abstract model

featuring peter koppes on guitar

my third attempt to record this complex song

truly a weird little oddity….

I love something about this song so much

It was revolutionary then and its revolutionary now!

11 youre my idea

me and peter koppes again

apologies for the tech quality here

but its such a good little song

One  just wishes it had ended up on the first  Church record on Carrere…  

12 prophet margin

recorded by marten jansson karins brother

on a porta studio in 1984 in stockholm dead of winter

once again its been bounced around a bit its not the best quality

but again tho its such a nifty little song

olle jansson on flute

I know youre against such things but you could certainly re record this

(but I bet he wont!)

13 spirit of christmas yet to come

a thing i contributed to some long defunct sydney labels christmas record

i guess we’re in about 1985 86 now ….

Bah Humbug! You miserable devil……!

14 cut up (with margot smith)

this piece of music fascinated me when i did it

i was deeply on the gear

i wrote the music

i got margot in and told her to sing whatever she wanted wherever she wanted

she did that about 5 times and got bored and went home for a while

i cut up her phrases and arranged them all on a computer screen

this was 1991

i had never seen music as a visual process before

but for the first time ever

i created a visual pattern with the little coloured boxes that symbolised her phrases

i added and subtracted them from my picture

then i listened to it

this was the result!

2 cut up people cut off from everything else!

Good God! Aching Awfully…One can hardly bear to hear it…! 

But such a beautiful Wasteland you 2 have conjured here….


15 blackrock antitheme

closing credits song for movie blackrock

drums by tim powles me on other stuff and sandi chick singing

Isnt young Sandi a Scottish lass? Yes you can tell! 

My, what a four to the floor pounder this number is!

16 gone for good

same personell as last song

this never got used in the movie

it was for a surfies funeral from his girlfriends perspective

the producer was such a philistine

he could not grok how good my music was (sigh!)

He must have had porridge in his ears if he couldnt hear how good this is!

oooh its a beauty!


addenda 2

1 another day

this is a fragment of a track from an album half finished

that i did in about 1998 with irish musician francis xavier kearns

i fucked it up. i was on the gear and i had enough to last me the entire session in dublin

but i got stupid n greedy and did it all quickly, got sick etc etc

i finally got better to do a tiny little bit

but the good news is that we are going to reconstruct it from original tapes…soon!

meanwhile this is a possible taster…

Great music Steven but the words put me off with all weird carrying on…!

Cant wait for the finished real thing…soon you say….(we’ll see, eh?)

2  aquanaut

done in stockholm with marten jansson this time in about 1998 0r 99

i was again gear affected and i wasnt giving much to the music

marten played some of the instruments

i remember little of these sessions or days

except i was usually either sick or sleepy…

this is the sound of me not really trying

but nonetheless coming up with some pleasant trifles

I like Aquanaut. I like it when you write songs like this!

3 trilemma

yeah stockholm and marten again

he did a good job considering what i probably gave him to work with

Dont be too hard on yourself there. This is actually OK, even by your standards…!

4 bossa

me n marten pretending to be a bar band i guess

You succeeded then! 

5 aquanaut 2

another version

A swampy take

6 as you like it

a song written for a rubbish film

I saw that film (unfortunately) and this song was the best thing in it!

I love the way the music goes up and up towards the end! 

7 mystic western profile

down in a swedish studio with swedish guitarist bengt kirschon

we wrote a bunch of brilliant songs but this is all that survives to my knowledge

lyrics about one of my stockholm drug dealers Christina

great aching guitar …

Yes! Oooh i really do like this one Steven .

I hope one day the rest of it turns up somewhere

8 unfinished kirtan for krsna

hare krsna hare krsna

Hurry up instead !


9 long way home

this was done with a guy called hi fi mike.

never heard of him again this is about 2003

Gorgeous song! Ive always liked this one!

10 the  wrong road

grant n i used to do this live to make up the numbers we needed

ive always loved it to bits

great fucking lyrics

recorded round at michael hanlons in bondi with russell supervising

it was gonna be for a go bes tribute or something

but russell didnt see eye to eye with the guy n it wasnt used…

Captivating performance. A sublime song!

11 falling for you falling apart

a guy sent me this music for a project he was working on

i sent him it back with this vocal on it and he seemed disgruntled with it

huh? i think its a truly brilliant track…one of my best…

any way never heard from him again so here it is….

Never fails to send shivers down my spine! How could they have not liked this??!

12 Zoo42

done with brother JLK at his place in bondi 2004 or 2005?

Very Beatley !Oh come now you must admit that is ! But a lovely track, notwithstanding!

13 the glazier

done with JLK again

for a poetry cd

Some rude lyrics i dont particularly approve of i must say! Mr Glass, indeed!

the australian night

written as a song for some defunct pop star

this is my demo version

hence some of the strange lyrics…

Some tender moments nonetheless for all its Mammon origins!

15 we will fall

cover of stooges song done with ricky maymi adrian and sean hoffmen

for a stooges tribute record somewhere..

Not my cup of tea, Steven….next….!

16 lonely stretch

live version in fremantle wa of triffids classic

with ricky adrian and sean

WOWEE!  You were on fire that night.Tell me, did you splice on the applause (just joking!)


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