posted on March 4, 2012 at 2:26 pm
  • mr stewart holt has this to add on the matter of rampion and excelon

    • On a different topic: Perhaps I’m confusing my history but did the collaboration of Lord Rampion and Excelon ultimately threaten the fabric of space and time as (in performing what was to become their final piece) their essences merged and issues of phase and sympathetic resonance began to affect the music of the spheres and, resonating backwards through time, the very words of making? Wasn’t someone forced to make the heart-wrenching decision to stop them, shattering their fused form and sending shards across this and other worlds. I’m intrigued by whether the shards truly became the rocks perched upon by Sirens, parts of David’s harp and Joshua’s horn and the inlays of a very particular Fender bass.

        • I’ve been thinking about Excelon and Rampion.
          in the beginning was energy vibration resonance
          the word
          resounding throughout all of the space and time it brought into being
          its sustain sustaining existence
          energy vibration resonance
          the elements of the baby’s first heart piercing cry
          of the gentle thunder rolling over distant plains
          of the crash of a rose petal and the earth colliding
          of every particle of every molecule of every celestial body
          the essence and whole of the entire symphony of the cosmos
          the musica universalis
          safe in its incomparable incomprehensible complexity
          safe from phase cancelation by replication
          safe from the unsympathetic forces of sympathetic resonance
          unattainable and unassailable
          the collaboration of excelon and rampion
          the whole more than the sum of their arts
          perfecting reflecting
          energy vibration resonance…

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