posted on May 19, 2009 at 4:43 am

the arrogant lord of the winged queen
cannot remove his mask
instead time gradually wears away his youthful scorn
under his handsomeness we find another old man
its no good weeping little childe
time fills the room then suddenly departs
the animated fall still
the loud muted to silence
the wonderful becomes hidden again
i am a re explorer of sound
surely all sounds have been made and recombined
as the worlds fall and rise and fall and rise
it hurts to be just another in some long line
yet feeling so unique
yet feeling like the only one
we are many
all is one
maybe i do contain atoms of van gogh or jesus
maybe i am just a monkey with my indisposable opposable thumb
maybe im a little bit of god
maybe i am dream
maybe i am a son of earth
maybe i am heir to nothing
maybe im already running on empty
maybe all those things
maybe none of the above
thats all
some perspective
sitting here in my ivory tower
attacking silent old jehovah and all the carnivores
strumming my bass
off my face
all over the place

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