posted on November 16, 2009 at 3:07 am

ttb knocked this up in a spare nano-sec
written performed n filmed ttb studio 2026
please enjoy
please dispose of this blog thoughtfully
do not puncture or incinerate ttb
does not contain animal products or hydrolized phats
may contain traces of humanity
discontinue if rash occurs
see your doctor if you think you may have become exposed to ttb accidentally
not intended to be taken internally
caution : do not drive whilst reading using ttb
caution : may cause restlessness sleepiness
loss of appetite
and the munchies all at the same time…..
take once a day with a pinch of salt
please subscribe generously
thank you
ttb inc
a division of 13 into 13
a sub branch of the ttb/ sk empire
from an original idea by erskine pty ltd
all rights unreserved
no copy, right?
get real
a rudolf neuman presentation
please do not spindle fold or mutilate
please email this blog to ten friends or you’ll have bad luck
do not feed this blog to certain types of ducks
objects in your mind may appear larger than they are
ttb is not suitable as child flotation device
if you cant see my mirrors i cant see you
horn if youre honky
if this blog is rockin’ dont bother knockin’
smoke detectors have been fitted in the bathrooms
for your own protection please do not breathe
sit down n shut up
thank you

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