posted on January 14, 2006 at 2:24 am

hot day again
we bathe in a sea pool
we see a chameleon octopus
dark in crevice
beige against sand
absolute waterfront location
for 3oo bucks a year
you getcha own keys
come and swim
hot summer nights
tragic drownings
dont blame me
theres that piper to pay
but until a giant octypus
drags ya down
while ya loaded
and drownin’

now im off to buy some fixative
sure sk, nudge , nudge
no i mean the stuff that
ya have to spray on
to make the pastels stick
to the paper
otherwise it falls off
or smears up
so ya gotta fixx its ass
nevermind all that
what would i know
a few years back
i thought pastel
was blackcurrant
and covered in icing sugar
and came in a little tin
for a sore throatie
a sweet toof
i usually have both
my sweet toof is legendary
stephen cummings said in an interview
the 1st time he met me
iwas reading the bhagavad gita
and knocking down a carton of custard
talking of that gent
didja know he wrota book
and i(slightly changed)
am in that book
actually im a kinda komposite
of about 3 people

note to my real regs
the chosen ones
the ones who have my ear
the ones with affinity
yeah you know who you are
capt emission and co
someone i loathe more than pea brain rockers
are ya ready…..
enuff said
diatribe deleted by my conscience
cmon sk
lay some poetry on us, maaan
give some of tha straynge stuff
yeah but hang a minute
this bloggs for free
it dont grow on fucking trees
this is a blog
its my diary
its my impressions
its whatever i think
now, mah sweet baybee
if ya want some poetry
i can rustle something up for ya
i aint got nothing prepared
im just gonna make it up
as i go along
are you ready
the poem will begin soon
copyright control
dont download this poem my friend
or i’ll have a big pack o lawyers
cancelling your passport and credit
before you can say
go rimbaud
go rimbaud
(NO this still aint the poem
please be patient)
so no nicking me prose poem
no quotin’ it to yer special laydy
and saying yeah did ja like that
mmmmm no i knocked it off meself

dont try that
just enjoy ok?
just appreciate the hell out of it
give it some in yer life, brunhildy
take it to yer heart, disgruntled crunch fan of bogna regis
try this then baby chile of honeysville
after a preamble like that
the pressure on yer humble grumbler
to deliver some goodes
maybe i should be a preamble specialist
easier than pomes
you can boss the audience around more
i should bloody well
knuckle down
write mah pro’s pome
and split to yonder arty supply shoppe
(still a hot bus ride away)
get me fix
and get
where i belong

i am already in another world
with you
we meet on the shore
the sun is so weak
the sky is so close
what did you bring with you
i ask
you smile
you point to the birds
i say
anything else
you smile again
you open your tiny white hand
you are holding a little box
open it
you say
inside its empty
the box was my life
you say
the emptiness is love

something huge moves in the sea
when i look back
youre gone

just givin ya some space
to change from poetry
back to blog
i have to let it do what it wants
i promise therell be
a good blog real real soon
i love ya

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