posted on April 1, 2009 at 8:01 pm

please go to my art site
you can click on it there on the right
you can see the paintings for my new exhi
in pittsburgh pa starting real soon
still havent multi media thingies finished
but its all coming down the line soon too
if you like my blog style
then you’ll like my little discourses on my subjects
you see i am the total package
taking care of all your artistic needs
a one stop shop for all things renaissance
i’m blowing my own horn again
for who else will?
here i am a whirlwind of activity
spinning out stuff constantly
voice from another room : most of your stuffs quite good…
i am there in the frontline
nailing the paintings n songs n blogges that only i can
and i nail it and i nail it and i nail it
i have enough fire for ten other medi-ochre poets
but lawd, dont i love to go on about myself
i’m shocked not to be discovered
in some ways its fun too
to make an album like #23
most mags wont review it
most people wont ever hear it
yet the record contains more grace n beauty
than 97% of all rock records thatll get released this year
its like theres a curse on us gets us ignored
voice in a other room : that curse is age and time…
so inna way
its been kinda amazing to release sheer masterpieces
like priest=aura n #23 etc
and know new people keep stumbling into us
amazed we exist
with our huge body of werk
and all the solo thingies
and all our malarkey
you see
people in their mid fifties are SUPPOSED to be at the top of their game
before senility sets in
you pull it all together
all your experience
all your knowledge
all your love
and you pour it into the crucible of your latest work
and you evoke the most beautiful convulsion you can
a ninny listening to # 23 for 10 minutes so he can review it ….
its so pointless
like watching , say, fanny n alexander, for 10 minutes
and saying
whether it was good or bad
our records are like those vitamins that slow release
our records esp #23 will go on giving for years
long after you forgot who the strokes were
or whatever…..
heres some more #23 snippets

cobalt blue is the standard configuration of the church
it is a wild n bleak song that changes key n minor /major all the time

deadmans hand
thats me playing the guitar riff that you first hear
thats pete playing twelve n other guitars on other side
martys ingenious bassline going up n down
finally at the end of the song
tim wades in with his g harrison guitar solo
i also play female vox n vibraphone on the mellotron
frank kearns on additional random guitar

pangaeas got patti hood playing harp
and sophie glasson playing cello who always comes up
with the right thing
tim does melltron n backing vox
pete plays baritone guitar
marty does ac guitar n solo

marty on bass n dark vox
me on ac 12
peter on ebow
me n tim do b vox

space saviour
i play the main guitar bit n keys
marty plays bass n drums
pete on other side guitar
tim sings b vox n keys


me on organ
frank k on bass
tim on mellotron
marty on noisy guitar
pete on sweet guitar

me on lead n noisy n vibe guitar
marty on rhythm
pete on double bass guitars
tim on keys n b vox

standard configgeration

sunken sun
me on lead guitar n keys n bass

me on piano
tim on mellotron n bvox
marty on bass
peter on sweet guitar
frankie k on random lovely guitar

please also note:
UNTITLED #23 would not be possible without klks funding n patronage
and baybee THATS the bottom line!

so there you go
i think its a good record
cos we didnt try to hard
no one got too much control
it was easy
and because
we continue to improve
its logical really
so remember
save up yer shekels
buy a painting
buy our records
oh and thanks to all my recent generous subscribers
and constant donators
you are appreciated very much
especially in these grim n hard times

see ya later!

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