posted on November 23, 2009 at 6:41 am

you wake up one morning
and theres been a cool change
while you slept over night
while you entered darkness alone
and emerged into this bright clean morning
which turns into a slightly rainy evening
and you hang outside near the weeds and the litter
sitting on a wall in the early summer night
as time undoes it all
rushing to the end of your story
so unbelievably fast
no hang on you say
im enjoying this bit
but everything falls away from you
the futures slide back
one after another
you whirl around the cosmos
the stars burn n die
the rivers flood and dry
you rise n fall
you rise n fall
the concrete is cracked
suddenly everything is art if we but could record it
i sit on the wall with my computer
i type type type
im in australia
im at rehearsals
i sit outside in the car park
on the wall by the weeds n litter
cigarette buts n dried curled up leaves
ants n cockies prowl the perimetres
blokes with funny haircuts turn up to …err …rock
people load the drum kits in
i do an interview whilst hiring a car
i plant my foot
i shoot off my mouth
i pat myself on the back
hang a left
chuck a right
straight on through
peter koppes in the passenger street
through the cooled off suburbs on out west
we get here
we rehearse
we have a break
summer breezes lusciously cool tonight
hotted up cars roar down lost highways out there
guys stand around talking about guitar playing
the concrete is kinda mottled
everything is art
gonna get back into it

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