posted on January 27, 2015 at 10:58 pm
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white flood

i’m glowing in the dark baby

i came in out the rain

the sea and the salt have rusted my metals

in weed and in foam now let me adorn you

the clinging brine has swept into my eyes and blindsided me

the rushing sand that comes with the storm

the coldness of the onset of the drop

temperature plummets out of the night sky

chemical smell of the fix on bright paper

i chart the rise and fall of civilisations within a single drop

i am only the messenger sent out who forgets the message

in a sudden flash i am revealed turquoise and grotesque

in meaningless symbols a download into your sweet head

in rambling storeys let me describe my fathers house

in trails of vapoured souls a fabulous picture emerges

in dells and dales we will walk with the beloved one

in frequent squalls the winds will reach 100 knots and undo them all

in a laneway of a street i met up with an old friend in for the long hall

in a bar where lovers drink milk of amnesia and touch each others faces

in a vacant lot a lot of strange things were going on

i come to you as before damp and bewildered

ashore for the night my uniform is lost

a miracle in the darkness has increased my appetite

the more i have the hungrier i become

goodbye to sugar goodbye to wine

goodbye to honey goodbye to awful things

the rain has a peculiar sound and it makes everything so quiet

i am so alone in my room full of odds and ends

no evens or beginnings in sight

the night is my lovely friend though i know it tho its young

drifting swirling storms i welcomed you with opened arms

the starfish in rockpools are slightly trembling as shots hit the surface

i am embraced by the tide under a wave i promise to be braver

i am drowned in the wrecked bed of devouring dreams  streaming live

the black waters hammer the land i cant say i really planned to stay

in lyonesse i knew a beautiful spell much less than yesterday

your window ever open someday maybe i will magically reappear

bringing you diamonds from the minds and life from a spear










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