posted on August 9, 2014 at 5:03 pm
dead bees still sting

dead bees still sting

far arching shore of my heaven

soon i will be sucked into the sky

a shell whispered to me on the forlorn afternoon

scarlet and i walked and talked

this otherworldly child god has rolled into my arms

placed under my protection

scarlet and i eat potato cakes

she is a child from another century

her heart on her sleeve and her steve

her pale blue eyes look into your head searching for irony and sarcasm

she says i love you dad at random and sometimes inappropriate moments

she talks quietly and slowly with a slightly adenoidal twang

like a cartoon character

we sit together

the old father

the young daughter

my arm round her shoulder

we are friends

an honour and privilege to have a kid like this

the sea is calm

i play some buddhist chanting

scarlet says

dad this music makes me feel calm

she plays quietly for a while in the courtyard

until its time to come inside

the child is a blessing

i am filled with gratitude

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