posted on November 25, 2007 at 2:51 am

writing songs la la la
jamming good with weird and timmy
playing a bit of lead guitar
after all these years
at last i’m getting better
at least i’m getting better
people write in
dont reveal the process
other people say
tell us everything
explain it
unravel it
people say
play the song we know
people say
play the song we dont know
people say
be proud
be humble
some say too much
some say too little
i have stifled the fucking clamour of those voices in my head
i understand the principle of too much info
i remember what i said
yes i remember the people i was seeing
yes i remember everything
i take it all in
some one says
from where does your bottomless well of insp. spring ?
it springs from everlasting love, lady
it springs from my ceaseless stumbling around
crashing into songs
capturing blogges from the aether
whipping the little devils into shape
yeah yeah
i know you wanna know bout the songs we’re writing
not my rapper-like ability to spin a bullshit yarn
aggrandizing my stupid self
they were electric
brutal for my part some of them
i wrang the guitars neck and stepped on the peddles
i sang whatever came into my head
which was almost everything
nodded off over a piano giving me the cold shoulder
pummeled the bass cuffed it round the ears
i only feel like a real man
when i”m insinuating myself threw the air
a low sonic barrage
heat up and sweat i do
we hammer at a sigur ros like thing for about an hour
it seems like life on earth must change
i sit in carpark doing yoga twists
and i hear the morbid repulsive drone of heavy metal bands rehearsing
i hate metal
butterscotch with gills
what ever
i loathe it
even more than doof doof
music for teenage boys
made by silly old geezers like metallica
didja see their dvd with the shrinks and stuff…?
how could ya watch that
and then take all the ridiculous posturing seriously
they are all almost….effeminate
oh what a waste of time
of course they are like ravi shankar
compared to sydneys 4th rate metal bands
deafening each other in a black box out here in rehearsaland
all singing in that silly voice
you know the one
the one where youre POSSESSED!
ooh how scary
ooh how original
ooh how horrible to have to hear it
the moronic fundamentalist satanism of it
i mean
i dont know the dev. personally
but i’m sure
he gets a giggle out of this anxiety inducing bilge
a sample lyric:
im a decaying beelzebub with bubonic plague
im frying in the deepest pit of the abyss
im a sulphur spitting monster zombie gangland dog
now lil baby, can i get a kiss
i’m a pus dripping vampires afterbirth pickled in newts piss
im a worm eating yer guts in a vomit puddle
im a skellington rider eating little girls for brekkie
cmon lil honey, just gimme a cuddle
satan is a mofo
cos hell just aint like home
and the rotten carcass corpses demon fire skull
and garden gnome

see what i mean?
(actually…..hmmmm…maybe on to something…)
thats it
im sitting at the rehearsal studio in alexandria
getting readsy to pull my genius suit on
its all crumpled and torn

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