posted on November 13, 2009 at 4:04 am

doing interviews today n yessaday
people say
hey sk
howcome you lasted so long
i say
luck luck luck luck luck
its all luck
the role of the dice
the fall of the cards
the stars line up
the little balls come down the tubes (mr humphreys)
how did you write utmw?
how do you look so young?
how did you meet marty n peter n tim
luck n luck n luck
what the fuck is luck?
we talk about fuckin’ luck like its solid
as if luck really exists…well, does it…?
i been on winning n losing streaks
i lost cards against guys on winning streaks
you cant stop em
if you had 4 kings
they had 4 aces
if you had a royal flush
they had a royal flush in spades
and confidence….
what part does that play in luck…..?
i got hit by a car
oh thats bad luck
but i survived
well thats good luck
but my arm was busted in 3 places
oh thats bad luck
but i got it fixed for free in a swedish hospital
oh thats good luck
now its a bit shorter than my other arm
oh thats bad luck
but i can still play bass
oh thats good luck
and luck just seems to be playing a game with me the whole time
i have narrowly avoided losing my life more than once
luck was on my side i guess
something ‘ll get me eventually
of course
when my luck runs out
when i push my luck too far
i never been that lucky at winning things in lotteries or anything
never won a horse race
rabbits feet are disgusting things…how can that be lucky?
black cats
walking under ladders
pinches of salt
pillars of salt
orpheus dont look back
lot, dont look back
dylan, dont look back
christ dont look down
laksmi give me luck
let me be the fortunate one
but winners never learn
only losers learn
when i won i never learned one thing
only winning
but losing is a better teacher for ya
coz thats when you find out
when your lucks dribbles away to nothing
go on you cant take a trick
the shop is closed
the line is busy
the phones switched off
the time has expired
the limit has been reached
the sand runs out
which one will you run out of first
no good having all the luck in the world
if you got no time
what good is time without luck…?
youd just wish it away
we’re lucky to get born at all…or are we?
i’m lucky to have a career in music, arent i?
sheer luck…i could have been a professor in ancient greek
i could have been a public servant getting ready to retire
i could have been a postman…i would have been good at that at least
i’m lucky my fans love me…you do love me dont you?
i went kinda bad during the nineties
i hit a ten year streak of bad luck
but i’m back n i’m old but i’m on
well nearly always
i’m a self obsessed olde bastard arent i?
lucky for some of you who like hearing me rave on
unlucky for the envious ninnies
and the disgruntled surplus carpers
who trawl thru my voluminous output
getting angrier n angrier for petty little reasons
i polarize em
love me or hate me…its all the same
vishnu has enlightened men who have hated him
because the intensity of hatred is more important to god
than the nothingness of apathy
so you who hate me so fervently
writing silly absurd threatening spiels no one will ever read
(not even me…i just deletey deletey)
so am i lucky having all these people being so interested in me
yes n no
i dunno
everything becomes clearer and simultaneously more obscure
my luck seems to have increased a little for a moment
oh but time
time running away n out
self obsessed
i am
i am i am
who wouldnt be if they had this self
half good half bad
good luck n bad luck mingling freely
i mean
i made some of this luck myself
i made my sausage fingers do walking basslines
but they didnt wanna
i sat down for weeks n months n years
writing n writing n writing
i was obsessed with music
i was obsessed with myself
i merged my 2 obsessions
if one is self obsessed is that a crime?
can one help it?
maybe the second world war mighta blown a bit of that away
i know a few self obsessed people
and i know a few who are but pretend not to be
and i know some who are nicely self obsessed
and some who are nastily self obsessed
in truth i am probably no more self obsessed than the next ninny
except i have my little platforms
to bleat my tedious self obsessive twaddle from
except some punters find amusement in my trip
some find empathy
some find symmetry
some like my tunes
some like my voice
some like my win n i lose in equal parts
some like my band
some like my luck
pretty lucky because i wasnt a very good singer when i started
i wasnt…its true
im not too bad these days
but when i started it was pretty iffy
i’m lucky i could pull it off
and its lucky that i was lucky
but not lucky enough to have a lovely pure sweet voice tho
like joe blow or blah mc blah does
fuck i dunno
some of my detractors try to paint my fans as fools
but theyre all bloody architects n teachers n dentists n marine biologists
where else are you gonna get the kinda lyrics i write
these guys n gals dont wanna hear about just any old thing
lucky for me
when you come home
n you had a long day
prosecuting villians
drawing up constitutions for small countries
engineering canals
engineering root canals
delivering verdicts or babies
studying fucking fish or whatever the hell it is
you turn to…
thats right
because my songs take you in
they dont treat you like a fool
my songs are landscapes that you enter
and you try to move through the houses and streets
thru the fields n forests n eras of my songs
you pick up hints
you pick up clues
you unlocking these doors
you realise
these arent kilbeys doors
these are my doors
now im unlocking my own doors
because youre smart right
you need some stimulus with your rock
who ever fucking said rock should be dumbed down?
well guess what then
im dedicated to taking it to the nth degree
im gonna rock like a fool
n spit out my take on life
with its big words n its hazy lazy cryptic mirrors
with its bullshit
everything has its bullshit
but at least mine is exotic bullshit
it aint no blah blah blah
im the rocking professor
im the doctor of rock
im the senior dean baby
thirty years not out
i must be doing something right right?

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