posted on December 21, 2010 at 6:45 pm

sin king sun king

insanely over confident i stagger on to the stage the arena the field

lo i am high

loaded up like a cheap disk

a self satisfying feeling of no feeling

my bass my wand my staff my spear

i let the music buffet me around the perimeter

i let my words come back to haunt me

i see how i knew futures in pasts i musta been guessing

people say boy youve changed oh ha ha ha

i am enveloped by the complexity of musics tastes

how such a small amount of something can go such a long way

i am at once intensely excited and disturbingly detached

a million miles away I can see kilbey

i manipulate him from my great distance

yes let him sing and dance for a little while longer

then time to rest

time to change

time to metamorph a size into something else

i charge through a set

my fingers pluck rapido at my bassoon held like bazooka

sing lingering on singular song

the one about the one

the reverberating thud of centuries gone to flower

comets scrape thru the nightsky tails of savage flame

helios frigged the moon while pink eclipse

something white in a blue bag

BLZ, bub

i dont know i mean

who the fuck knows what youre getting

so rip open the sky and snort the clouds

its a packet of surprizes

dedication IS rewarded

diligence paid off

i hit a homer

i crash in a radiant kind of white blackness

my voice in your ears ear

your ear to the play ground

we gotta grind grind this out

the audience is a creature with one mind

the relationship is unstable

my cant becomes unreadable

my allusions are mere illusions

there isnt even any smoke or mirrors

the trick is based on this one old weird tip

but you always gotta pay to find out what that is

and the weird old tip is this : always make em pay up front

this resonates within us all like a sympathetic string sings

all is one

one is the holiest number that you’ll ever do

well i never had a head for numbers

tho i do have a number for heads

and i count a viscount or two too


thats it really

know you see it all so clearly

hoping that you love it dearly

this time it was nearly gnarly

hello goodnight

motel wake up

change check out

put up

put on

put off

put it all away

for today

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