posted on November 26, 2011 at 11:21 pm

what is a song

what do the words mean if anything

we can assume nothing

sometimes intentions are masked

is the singer an actor

can songs be lies

can lies be songs

can promises be taken back just like that

if you fall in love and write a song what then

what then of the song when love no longer abounds

do we think singers do or mean all the things that they sing

that is preposterous i mean

most singers are too busy singin’ to do anything else

they dont have that much time for meaning things i suppose

its just gotta rhyme and have a good melody

or am i wrong

or has no one written the rules yes that is it

the idea of a song precludes responsibility i suppose

i mean yes

and i mean no

i mean some people say one thing and they fuckin’ do it

other people say something else and they fuckin’ dont

we are story tellers we are blues men

we are unbound by any rules

tom verlaine said to me in regards to songwriting

one day i realised you can do whatever you like

i wonder if you can take songs back

and if you can where do you put em

i wonder why good writers sometimes write rubbish

and bad songwriters sometimes write gems

i wonder who wrote the book of love

actually i dont know why anyone writes any of their songs

i only know mine and after a while i forget why i wrote em

what does that mean to sing songs you dont understand (anymore)

what does it mean when you sing someone elses song then

how are we to interpret our myriad idols words

are lovely words in an ordinary voice better

than ordinary words in a lovely voice

i mean what the hell are we trying to do here

no one can tell you the meaning of song

some of the phoneys are realer than real

and some of the real guys are phoney for certain

for certain songs are exempt from all analyses

for certain songs may break all non existent rules

the bridal waltz

the elegy

the music created by for love

for love of good music is in itself a pride

everyone hears it different

in the end we are mug punters everyone of us all

song will survive but  us must perish

when i am gone my songs will be as orphans in a cold world

for who will understand their weaknesses

for who will protect their naive beliefs

they will be auctioned off cheap in multiple deals

some greedy philistine will stick em on his hard drive

no one will know them or understand them again

or introduce em at night

what is a song a companion a friend

what is a song a woman or man

what is a song a time and a place

what is a song

i still dont know







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