posted on June 30, 2008 at 2:21 am

voices whisper offstage
1 where is he?
2 how should i know, 1
1 ‘es s’posed to bloody be here
3 calm down there 1 …he’ll show up
2 sssshh you two…look there he is…!

the scene
a hotel entrance at night
a black cold sky pricked with lonesome stars
a man stands in the shadows of night
he stands in the wind and cold smoking something pungent
he carefully stubs it out and stands still in darkness
the wind blows his wispy hair this way and that
a medium sized man in everyway
dressed in scruffy clothes
totally unremarkable unless…

1 ..unless what?
2 unless you know ‘oo ‘e bloody well is…of course
1 well who the hell is he?
2 you know as well as i do who he bloody well is…
1 ‘e’s the time bein’
3 he’s the bloody mangy panther …thats what he is
1 yeah i can see the mangy part…
2 but thats not what…..
1 alright sshh its starting up

in the deserted lower entrance
just off the main street in a big city
6 lift shafts sing like a 1930s movie choir
the long cylindrical holes fill with wind
and like huge flutes they wail and coo
the man just stands there struck with wonder
this beautiful sound aching down the shudderin’ concrete
oh who woulda thought it?
and then
why not more musical architecture
domes of memories forever reverberating
the time being
(for it is he)
hits his plush sweet suite of rooms overlooking
the city and beyond it a great grey bay almost shipless
that day is over forever
singing in a red room
a cup of tea with old friends
baked veggies
a smoke a laugh a tear a fire
thirty nine storeys up watching the lights
do yoga

1 that eastern stuff bores my pants off
2 you cant have the being without his yoga malarkey
3 come off it 2…are you saying theyre inseparable
2 im just saying you know yoga
thats what whats responsible for his reversal..
1 what?
2 when he started to come good again cos of yoga..
3 no it was cos he stopped taking bloody ‘ard drugs!
1 i thought it was coz of his wife duckling dalton
2 i thought it was cos he started swimming again too…
1 who even bloody cares about this old hippy anyway ?
3 someone must…
2 ah hes alright….theres a lot worse….isnt there?
1 bloody hell i knew this blog wouldnt make any sense
3 the people dont wanna read this tripe
1 wheres the fountain of endless gossip ?
3 wheres the sneering jealous putdowns of the execs ?
1 wheres the self searching nervous true insights?
3 yeah…and the bold showing off sweeping statements
1 the faux-pas and the embarrassing rants…?
2 ssshh somethings about to happen

man ,room
types into a small white box like machine
it transmits his thoughts instantaneously to everywhere
he turns off the box
he stretches into a familiar pose
popol vuh begin to play
fade out

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