posted on May 20, 2007 at 10:10 am

its the alleviator
beautyful one
oh alleviator
undenying unphased undulating
swirling around my ankles
avenue in my mind i walk on
poet of the debris
a major prophet
filament of light
light headed n all
remembering you in my prayers
try to see you
you are uncommonly bright
somedays i can
somehow you will
alleviator come to me unbidden
show me your panacea
give me calm then
let me choose my wishes carefully though
dont try to trick me
dont slip away without a word
give me at least some satisfaction
let me see your starboard face
and your tongue of port
your colossal charisma that perpetuates thru weed gardens
mosaic hero of the good fight
unseen orchestrator of fortune
uncredited writer of the soundtrack of my lives
unauthorised soul intruder and slippery felon
oh alleviator give us content
write a story i can believe
cover me in silken chains
call me long distance at short notice
teach me the art of paradox
within paradox is truth
and all truth must contain paradox
or it is some feeble truth
unstretched by paradoxes hard edges
like lord vishnu says
i am this
and i am not this
until i can really understand that……
i realise yoga is indeed white magic as crowley said
to get in sync with myself
and then sync that up to the big thing
thats the great work
or dont work at all
your choice
the alleviator dont care
the alleviator impartial
the alleviator meaningless
it hurts to think
to think it hurts
and it feels like a joke
sometimes no hope for a no hoper
no return
spend your time wisely
you will not be re admitted if you leave
cmon alleviator dont play with me
dont give me im too busy
cant it weight
dont hand me a second hand second hand
and say
the clock is ticking over
let me see my contract again
i shouldnt have to ask you
shouldnt have to use all my persuasion
then find out you were gone
all the time
in this midnight blue
like a blurry lamp in a fog
hemmed in some cockpit
racing towards me
atmospheric friction burning you up
pulling us apart
alleviator in your birthday soot
in your decorated austerity
in your silted dream and river eyes
in your car pulled by swans
in your doublesex n third eyes
holy mouth whispering pure filth
angled and finely wrought
like mithril or crushed diamonds
alleviator fill my poem with words you have chosen yourself
alleviator be me
alleviator come back soon
alleviator here i am
alleviator listen now
its high time in the low lands
they are flooded with droughts
things aint gonna get better neither
alleviator can you look into it
wish me success then
wave me on thru the barrier
stay till im gone
until they turn off the lights at least
and the little crowd have filtered out
into the misty night
the marine city
everlasting until now

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