posted on October 25, 2007 at 3:59 am

switched off
switched on
little red light comes on
an incredible process begins
analysing the outsides properties
it duplicates them in reverse
an opposite in fact
negative mirror images
instantly cancelled
phased out
a sound starts up
long ago recorded sounds of music
percussive hammering
voices chanting
an unbearable throb begins
the music coalesces into intent
the intent to penetrate the mind
music that lives in your mind
music that reminds you of who you are
music brutalizing the ears
music ravishing the mind
the music moves into a higher key
a sudden unexpected release
as the lower sounds fall away
we soar over fields of sound
vibrating fields of recorded sounds
tape hiss battles with digital sheen
distortion flowers and runs thru the score
the wavering tendrils of decaying notes
their ghostly presence hovers in the reverberation
and lingers after the savage edits
murmuring singers duplicated in mirror prisms
fragmenting exploding bytes of random sounds
white noise moving into pink
snippets from interstellar buzz
commmercials from 2034
natural sounds like water dripping
and beasts bellowing
lightning striking
tinkling skies with star like bells
words come and go
meanlingless syllables in sumerian tongues
meta language
machine dialogue for human superconsciousness
programming the deep self
frequencies lengthen and shorten
soft wave envelopes the background
a device generates lovely lines of verse
voices of the dead come to life
and they gather in stereo pairs
until subsumed in the rising crescendos
long after declining earshot
their afterfizzle still jerks in the depths still
as it goes down to the erasing heads
calibrated hits in midrange
back beat drops muffled in delirious fanfare

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