posted on June 30, 2008 at 4:45 pm

dangerous thing
vicious attack
moving at lightning speeds
across the plains and prairies
striking out like a ghost
a phantom on your chest
a cruel murmur through the ranks
a coiled necessity
a claw of persuasion
in the wilderness between my ears
in the jungle in my mouth
in the plateau of my intelligence
creatures of the air
swarmers and wriggling birds
swallows and terns
crashing in a field
blazing eyes emitting smoke
sensitized skin detecting the net
colour changer
hooked and curved
razor teeth
saw tooth
finned gilled winged poisonous
dart and feint
locate and disable
break and enter
undergo deprivation
float in cosmic blackness
hunger rips you open
thirst cuts your throat
madness chattering gibberish
bruised and grazed
shot through with veins of iron
among the reeds by the rivers
hiding and waiting
down you go again
knocked out of your sky
a wobble begins
miss the land
cant stop now
ready to fall a part
caution : no substance
warning : no lightguard
question : why?
the moon influences their moods
the sun warms their blood
but the moon directs them from a distance
half full not so empty
the planet-go-round
things happen in big and tiny ways mimicking each other
things go on happening even if you cant see them
alliances between planes
men receiving a message they barely can understand
the earth hides away from the future
the stars aware too but uninvolved
the rumour of a messiah
the sighting of a giant
the unmistakable presence of an angel
who can say they have never lived ?
the theatre too hi brow
the gutter too cliched
the bible….well who has really read it?
the small print…yes yes..just sign it
a small drink…no..?…go on…
something scurries beneath the facade
dont look there…!
heres your drink….with real arctica ice
heres your paper…the daily bad news
heres your medicine…down it goes…good boy
no no
i remember you now…
i hated you then and i hate you still now…
come along theres a good fellow
dont spoil it now
dont ruin it for everybody
where is rome?
where is babylon?
where is nineveh?
where is siam?
none of them have turned up again…
is that what we’re waiting for…?
the mob
the arena
the tyrants …..all the same
wine addled cowards soft bellied and stupid
coddled in power
oh no
im not waiting around for that one again
but choice is an illusion
and illusion is by its nature tricksy
and if you think you know something
then youre a fool
and if youre a fool
youd make a good tyrant
wine slaves executions palaces the whole thing
plan an invasion
or kick back on capri
the vultures are hovering
but youre playing with your little fishes
same old mistakes
same old patterns
watch them rise and fall
cheered today and fucking cursed tomorrow
over and over
and over it

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