posted on December 26, 2014 at 9:13 pm
jim jim

jim jim


my everlasting soul suddenly weary of the fork tongue world

i took sanctuary in a dream that seemed like a room

oh steven someone was saying now you got it all mixed up

some urban thoth weighing up my accomplishments

complete bird brain head machine man will match competitors offer

wild- party i was a child among such people

sydney: insistent rain and crack of thunder in limo with spirit

i alight on the reddest carpet dyed in the blood of poor soldiers no one remembers

i dressed in the warmest wooly suit of clubs of which tonight i am king

men and women come and go at my black and call

i snap my fingers impatiently

and i am attended and given advice etcetera

my marker is graduating purple window you see over my shoulder

i frown for all the poems that didnt consider me to write them down

someone offers me a drink no thanks i am straight i think

i announce to another empty room

under a single spotlight i cogitate and calculate something i cant remember

the answer is crucial to humanity now i wish i hadnt forgotten

you let us down! cries a voice from the darkness

oh leave him alone hes nearly finished anyway shouted an unseen mosquito

i really liked that song you know that one said a voice in my head

which one ? i asked the voice

come with me said a hand and i followed her name to the edge of the land

miraculous angel carved in a cemetery there

i shudder  in all my many lonelinesses

i cower from all possible futures

in some cheap hotel room i materialise with life in a suitcase

gosh suddenly i feel so tired i cant focus on the small prince

none of the numbers i know can ever reach anyone outside in the rain

i turn to my companions who have all (sadly) gone down the drain

well thats no good!  bellows my sergeant major out there imagined

day-mare what you have dreamt is that not what you meant..!

this christmas weather sultrier than any blonde dawn

the factories and chimneys outlined in haloes of flare

we were there

sister brother

we were there




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