posted on September 2, 2006 at 3:16 am

i aint descended from no fuckin’ monkey
i got here via space
that beautiful nothingness
full of universes
darwin , he still turned to god
even after everything
and einstein n olde sir isaac
yeah you remember
the druid who could first dig
the gravity of the situations
these genii
these proto space rockers
they could suss gods hand
now imagine this
its canberra act australia
one of possibly the least space rock places
in the whole f***ing world
theres like a seventeen year old kid
lying in his bed listnin’ to the radio
its monday night
theres a guy call winter
hes got a radio show on the abc
only for a cuppla hours a week
this guy plays the latest “new” stuff
and announces them in this whispery voice
anyway im lyin there and listnin’ to his show
as i faithfully n religiously do
and he whispers
this is hawkwind
in search of space
something starts up
a creaking grinding wheezing machine
starts to fire up
gradually from a cacophany of machine noise
a pulse coagulates
the unmistakable throb of engines
coming to life n then
beginning to purr
the thing heaves itself free
of its moorings
and in agony n triumph
we flame away from earth
now a tiny blue green point
in the darkness
immediately space paranoia sets in
cos space is deep baybee
but space is also very spooky
and these voices are whispering in the darkness
should do that
shouldnt do that
should do that
shouldnt do that
music invoking travel
crystalline voyager
the space rockers
the surfers
the sufis
the poets like arthur was
the rishis
the explorers
the yogis
the whales
the hippies
the stargazers
the alchemists
everybody groovy
all in search of space
i need these planets close to my bones
i remember travel
the long journey
space rock oh my my
description of an arc
i hate arithmetic
n i hate offices
n i hate paperwork
n i hate red tape
n i hate all
these tiny chains
my vessel is bound with
so theres hawkwind
my first taste of spacerock
an amazing log book comes with the record
which i bought the next day!
i was down the record shop
quick as you please
lookin’ anxiously thru the “h”s
here it is
race home
crank up volume on my tinny system
lo and behold
a nother disciple of space rock opera cult is born!
we seek freedom
we seek oblivion
our music n our thoughts
are always on space
the space between the houses
the inn a’space too
those crazy crazy kraut rockers
they understand space
so too julian cope
a true intra-spacenik
the pink fluid
michael moorcocks deep fix
the injection of heroin n cocaine into bloodstream
as metaphor for the liftoff n weightlessness of spacetravel
hold on
an incredible rush
your heart goes what the….
upwards you rushing now
then suddenly
ladies n gentlemen
we are spacing in a float tank
im disappointed if youre disappointed
this blackness
this is it
the stillpoint
the calm in the eye
our vehicle begins to shake
cap’n she can no take it …..
space cadets dont try this at home alpha bravo
astronauts get confused n disconnected
the black corridor
the magicians staff
visions, temptations
amphetamine babes
n blackened devils
the constant feeling of travel even after you stop
wave particles
thank you cosmic jokers
amon duul
all the rest
space rock
available again soon

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