posted on November 27, 2007 at 2:28 am

genius is pain
but i dont feel a thing
let it (kill) be
i’m the one who saw what you did
i land
you see
im across it
parallel kilbey feeds me songs
there is the secret
now the clouds lowered on the houses
let out your warm rain then
the plants are all iridescent green
drink deep my loves
my deep loves drink
an art that can only be explained by doing it
the faith needed
is the guarantee
the long voids where nothing happens…
things happen of their own accord
the fingers know their work
all creative acts flow into the other
is this music or love its hard to tell
or sell
my little rascal there are mysteries ‘pon mysteries
yes you scoff and you scorn
i tell you one thing
the power you want does not come cheap or easy
the short cuts are exhausted or lead nowhere
if you do ever get the power
by then
you would have learned
not to even want it
yes revenge is sweet
and regrets are bitter
but you need something plain
to take away the aftertaste of a hard life
the ocean dont care
he swims in its grey green warmth
he dips the lemurian c in the sea
the rain comes in ver-tick-lea
crooked reign crooked reign
raindrops keep falling on my crown (chakra)
everyone has dormant gifts they must needs awaken
i am the time being
bullshitter and more
i worship some ineffable god
who is kind enough to appear
in some way i can understand with my limited mind
not capable of downloading all his splenda
by a million miley miles
i just can view one tiniest bit
a still from a never ending film
you must devote yourself
to anything at which you wish to such seed
love devotion
music devotion
blogge devotion
farther devotion
give yourself
love understanding
understanding devotion
realising more and more
you know less and less
its all stuff inner dream
the further you go in
more emptiness
a gracious emptiness
accepting and soothing
you cant find life
but its all around
but what is life
wither life goes
wear it comes from
inside the seed is nothing
but life is not nothing
but we know almost nothing
we are still savages
we are skins and furs and hides
we are clobber n bomb em
we are give em some stick
we are futurebound emptyhanded
we are footnotes
we are mist
we are temporary eternals
creatures claiming no creator
so burnt by maya we screaming in furies
so some devotion
maybe recommended
its all the same to me
me to same
upside down
inside out
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